- IC System Online Payment Service

If you are being contacted by I.C. System, probably because you have a past due account with a company that you are currently doing business with or have done business with in the past. Then please visit, I.C. System’s secure web site for viewing information and making payments on your account. Of course,if you’d prefer to make a payment by phone, call the toll-free number that is on your letter.

How to login & pay:

The Your Payment service is simple to use. Make a payment by this website to the I.C. system in less than a minute.

  • You should have the letter received from I.C. system at hand and locate the reference number that is located on the letter.
  • Visit and enter the reference number and re-enter. Then press “Next” button.
  • Your account information and payment information will be shown at the new page.

If you are getting calls from I.C. System or need clarification just call their Consumer Assistance Line at 1-800-279-7244.

About IC System

IC System is the leader in accounts receivable management, founded in 1938 in St. Paul, Minnesota. IC System provides accounts receivable management services for over 20,000 clients in many different industries that include healthcare, financial services, retail, utility, and communications. They are confident that they deliver a combination of quality, value and peace of mind that no other competitor can deliver in the Account Receivable Management realm.