- Verify your Dependent Online

The dependent verification preserves the beneficiaries of your benefit plans. Sometimes there are additional dependents added to your benefits by accidents or by intention. These benefit plans cost their participants a noticeable amount. So having dependents that are not entitled to the coverage can result in a heavy blow. Aon Hewitt takes special notice of this situation. They have launched a plan smart dependent verification.

This service verifies eligible dependents and removes un-registered or ineligible dependents from your list as soon as possible. The dependent verification process can be availed online at and users must have an online login to start. If you have enrolled the benefit plans, you will receive a mail that outline the steps you need to take to verify your dependent's eligibility.

You can find the information that you need to start the verification process by accessing the Dependent Verification website at On the Dependent Verification Home page, you will find a link to the "Dependent Eligibility Rules and Requirements". Click that link to view the documentation you will need to submit to verify your dependent's eligibility.

For accelerated determination, submit your documentation using secure online upload with your computer or smartphone:

Secure Online

Login Name: KY + Your dependent verification ID. (Example KY0000000)Your Dependent Verification ID can be found at the top left section of this email.

Password: This is your date of birth in mmddyy format. (Example 013168) You will be instructed to change your password upon entering the secured site.

The Dependent Verification Center will review your submitted documentation; you can log into their online portal to view your dependent's verification status on the home page.

For More Information:

Visit to view notices, upload documentation, view our Security and Privacy policy and more. If you have questions about the verification process, you can access our FAQs online or pose a question to a Dependent Verification representative using our secure mailbox.