www.Mymedicalme.com - MyMedicalMe Online Bill Payment

MyMedicalMe provides an online platform to customers to manage their account statements, payment history, and make a medical payments using www.mymedicalme.com. 24 hour a day access is available to guarantor who sign in using their username and password. Without a registered account, you can still make payments.

Register your own Mymedicalme.com account using the primary account holders last name, last four digits of their Social Security number or date of birth. Next, it is mandatory to provide the new user’s ID number that is located on any statement. If a statement is not available, use the last four digits of the primary account holders phone number that is on file. This information must be validated before a new account can be created.

Once logged in, you can perform the following tasks:
  • View and print your statement
  • Retain one’s payment history and view all charges to your account
  • Update insurance information or add new insurance
  • Set up automatic payment arrangements
  • Make a one time payment
  • Edit your profile and contact information
  • Decide how you are notified
  • Add a payment method, update your current payment method or change to an auto debit
  • Make a Payment As a Nonmember
There are two steps involved when making a payment without logging in. Using a credit card, one must have their ID number available as well as the Guarantor first name and last name. When this information is verified, you’ll be taken to step two were payment method can be selected. Enter valid credit card info in order to make a one time online payment without being logged in.

Reach the patient customer service center by calling 1-866-770-2116, or send an email to custservice@mymedicalme.com. Username and passwords can be recovered when either the username or password can be verified or validated. If you have lost both, contact the patient services department over the phone.