www.Amazon.com/PIN -Set Your Amazon Prime Video PIN

Parental controls give you a way to set viewing restrictions for the movies and TV shows available to watch through Amazon Prime Video.

To use Prime Video parental controls and purchase restrictions, you need to set a Prime Video PIN for your account. Your PIN is used to authorize Prime Video purchases or bypass viewing restrictions you've set for your connected devices.

How to Set Your Prime Video PIN?
  1. Visit www.amazon.com/pin on your PC, then it will prompt you to login to your Amazon Account.
  2. Click on the Amazon Prime Video Setting.
  3. Go to the Parental Controls section and open Amazon Video Pin under it
  4. There you will see 5 empty boxes to create your Amazon video PIN. Now put 5 numbers in those 5 boxes and Hit the Save Button.
  5. To change your current PIN select the ‘Reset your Pin’
  6. Enter the new 5-digit PIN and select ‘Save’.
  7. Note down the new code and place it safely.
After setting the Amazon Video PIN, you can set viewing restrictions for your account. Here you can block movies and TV shows according to their Amazon maturity ratings. You can also decide which levels you want to restrict and which one of your registered devices you would like to apply this restriction.

If you need more information or want to know more about setting and managing about Amazon Prime Video Parental Controls associated with your Amazon account you can you can go to the ‘Prime Video’ section under the Help and Customer service and read How to Set Amazon Video Parental Controls.