Activate Your Weight Watchers Monthly Pass Card

Weight Watchers is a company offers various diet products and related services to assist weight loss. It offers a service called Weight Watchers eTools which can connect to Weight Watchers meetings throughout the week—at home, at the office, wherever you are.

If you have purchased a new Weight Watchers Monthly Pass Card, just go to the website to activate your card so that you can start enjoying the Weight Watchers tools and plans exclusive for you.

How to activate your Watchers Monthly Pass card:

First, scratch off the access code from your card. Then open the above activation link, enter your access code and click the “Sign Up Now” button.

Next, you will need to provide a valid credit card, complete the sign up information and accept the Monthly Pass terms and conditions.

Finally, you can print out your Monthly Pass Temporary Card and bring it to each meeting until you receive your actual Monthly Pass Card in the mail.

With Monthly Pass, you can get:

1. Free etools, internet weight-loss companion.

2. Interactive tools, help strategies, recipes and more for you!

3.Unlimited meetings each month.

4. Best offers per week from Weight Watchers.

5. Access over a thousand delicious recipes and convenient meal ideas.

How to Cancel the Monthly Pass?

To cancel the Monthly Pass, just check out and follow the instructions to contact them to cancel it.