- Pay Your Toll Online

How inconvenient it is to stop your jobs to pay taxes! If you are also deeply troubled by these questions, then you can use to pay the taxes online. You can pay other tolls online too. With Tolls by Mail NY, you do not need to leave your place, do not need to stop working, just open your computer and you can finish your paying in ten seconds. It is available to everyone.

Things you need to have, to pay your toll online through Tolls by Mail

You need to have Internet access and some demanded information. You need to remember your License Plate number and the start and end date of your first trolling location.

Steps you need to follow, to pay your toll online

1.Open the web browsers and go to this

2.Take your cursor to the grey “Pay Toll Now” button and then click on the green “Continue” button .

3.Fill in your License Plate number in the first empty field on this new page and select the License Plate States

4.Select the start date that you were first travelled on through the trolling location.

5.Select the end date now.

6.Click onto the green “Continue” button at the bottom right of the page

7.On the next page, enter in the account number and all the other demanded information.

About Tolls by Mail NY

Tolls by Mail NY is an Online Platform. The citizens living in the New York, United States can use it to make their tax payment and other Toll services online.