- Prepaid Card Status Account Login

The Prepaid Card Status service free to use and is powered by Swift Prepaid Solutions who describes themselves as a open-loop Visa and MasterCard prepaid program manager. The company provides funds on nine currencies and operated in more than 160 countries accords the globe. You can log into prepaid card status account to check your card balance, View and print transaction history, Update your card or wallet profile, contact customer care via phone or web support and many more.

How to Login to Prepaid Card Status Account Online?

1. Open the web browser and go to this link:

2. See the back of your card where the card number is located and enter it in the “Card Number:” field and enter the security code. 

3. Or, you can use your wallet username & password, if you have it, in the fields.

4. Click the blue “Log In” button that you see right below the two blank fields where you have used the login information.

5. This is all, now you should be logged in to your account from where you can access different services and features that we have discussed in the initial text.

If you have any problems concerning the process of logging into your account, please click “Contact Us” button on the top right. Once you have entered your personal information and questions or comments, hit “SUBMIT FORM” to contact the customer support, or contact the customer service with the number on your card.