- Pay Your Traffic Tickets Online

If you looking to pay a bothersome red light violation online, the is the right place to do it. Here allows you to review a gritty video of an alleged red-light violation too.

In order to pay a red light violation online the user must provide the ticket number associated with the violation. Those who do not know the ticket number can enter their license plate number, license state (i.e. MO, IL), and the users last name or the companies name in which the auto was registered under.

Should you unfortunately receive a Red Light Violation Notice, make sure you pay for it by the “Pay By” date, or you will be fined an extra $100 for each violation. Failure to respond may result in a suspension of the driving privileges. If paying by credit card, you will be charged a convenience fee for this service. The convenience fee is included in the total charge for the transaction.

There are two type of red light traffic tickets associated with the service; 1. those tickets received for making a right on red and 2. those tickets receive for running a red light. Both types of tickets can be paid online with the ticket number. Please note the ticket number can be found on the “Notice of Violation or Liability” letter receive via US Mail.

Any questions in regards to paying a ticket online can be directed to 1-877-262-3318 or for those who have a tough time hearing (i.e. Baby Boomers) please dial 1-877-262-3356.