- Pay Your MDX Tolls Online is MDX Customer Online Service Center which allows a customer to pay tolls related to the MDX. At the website you can also find an answer to frequently asked questions, how to contact MDX or how to dispute a notice. You can pay your toll taxes with any of the credit cards. They are working day and night to save your time and money by providing them the electronic automated system. You can also visit the website as a guest – do not have to register and you will have to re-enter payment information each time a fee is due.

When a motor vehicle passes through an MDX toll zone and the toll payment is not made by an electronic transponder, a photographic image of the vehicle’s license plate will be captured at the toll lane. The license plate data provides the needed information to obtain the registered owner’s address so an MDX Toll-By-Plate account can be created and a notice generated. 

How To Login To MDX Toll-By-Plate Account?
  1. Open the web browser and go to this link:
  2. After you have reached the official website of the company, click on the green colored “LOG IN” button to go to the login form.
  3. Now, in the first field of the form, select and enter your license plate number.
  4. In the second field of the form, you will have to enter your account number.
  5. You can get the account number from your notice.
  6. You can also enter the driver’s license number in the next field.
  7. If you do not want to enter the license number or the account number, you can also enter the notice number in the last field of the form.
  8. After you have entered all the required information, click onto the green colored “LOGIN” button to log into your account then you can pay tolls and get all the service offered by the company.