OregonDMV.Com Online Service

OregonDMV.com is the official website of Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles. Check out the website, you can find the information on driver licenses, driver permits, identification cards, insurance, accidents, and much more.

And enter www.OregonDMV.com/online, you can use their online services system to renew your vehicle registration, change your address, notice of vehicle sale and more. The details are as following.

1. Vehicle Registration Renewal. This service may be unavailable due to scheduled maintenance.
  • To renew your vehicle registration online, you need Vehicle Registration Renewal form, insurance company name and policy number unless it’s a non-motorized vehicle, and credit or debit card containing the MasterCard or Visa logo.
  • Click the link below this item to check your eligibility to renew online. Reprint your receipt if you’ve already renewed online.
  • Start secure renewal by entering your Vehicle Renewal information, selecting renewal options, reading and confirming certifications, verifying transaction summary, entering payment information, and finally viewing and printing payment receipt. You have approximately 30 minutes from the time you begin the transaction to the time you complete it.
2. Individual Change of Address. This service may be unavailable due to scheduled maintenance.
  • Change the address on your Driver License, Permit or ID Card record, and every vehicle registration record where you are the owner and where it is your address being used on the registration.
  • Links below this item allow you to download the Change of Address Notice and mail it to DMV to update your voter registration information, to replace a damaged address sticker, to get more information about changing your address, or to use the Alternate Change of Address online form if your new address is outside the U.S. or is not accepted by the online system.
3. Notice of Vehicle Sale.
  • Notify DMV within 10 days of the date of transfer when you sell or otherwise transfer your interest in an Oregon-titled vehicle by completing Online Notice of Vehicle Sale /Transfer Form which includes information on the vehicle, the new owner/buyer, and the seller. You have the option to print and mail your form.
  • You can get information about selling, donating or gifting a vehicle.
You can find FAQ and methods to contact DMV on Oregon DMV official website for online services at www.oregondmv.com/online.