– Netflix Self Help System Online

Are you a customer of Netflix? Do you have any questions about your movie rental services or TV devices? If yes, you can now go to the Netflix Self Help website to search for the answers to the frequently asked questions, such as how to install Netflix ready devices, how to set the queue, how to replace a bad DVD, how to use gift subscriptions, and more.

How to use the system: Just check out the above link, enter your question keyword (such as “error code XXXX” or “black screen”) in the search box and click on the “Search button”, then you can get a list of Q&As related to your questions. 

Popular error codes & solutions:

Error code 0013 – It occurs when you watch Netflix on Android tablet or mobile device. To solve the problem, just uninstall your Netflix application data and clear the cache, then download and re-install the Netflix application. Link>>

Error code 1011 – It occurs when you connect to the Internet from your Apple device. To solve the problem, just reboot your device and uninstall your Netflix application, then re-install it. If the problem still occurs, check the Internet connection for your device. Link>>

Error code n8157 – It means the Netflix Silverlight plugin can’t work fine on your computer. To solve the problem, you need to reboot your computer, disconnect Audio/Video devices and Audio Enhancements, then re-install audio card drivers. Link>>

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