- Manage Your UnitedHealthcare Benefits Online

Are you a customer of UnitedHealthcare? Would you like to manage your benefit claims easily? If yes, you can go to the website, a website created by United Healthcare, which offers information about your specific United Healthcare medical, prescription card, and Flexible Spending Account(FSA) coverage and benefits.

How to use the online service?

After your medical insurance is effective, you should check out and follow the instructions to register yourself. It’s very useful to you. Once you have registered, you can: 
  • View Your Claims (includes Medical Claim Summary and Member Actions, such as requesting an ID card)
  • Find a Doctor (or other in-network provider such as a hospital, lab facility, etc.)
  • Refill Your Prescription (including Order Status, Claims & balances, Price a medication, Forms and cards, Prescription history, Locate a pharmacy, and Prescription Drug List.)

How to register your account?

To register, you must:

1. Enter information from your ID card or enrollment materials.
Don’t have your ID card or enrollment materials? Members can enter their
Social Security number and birth date instead.
2. Select a username and password for this website.
3. Provide an email address and choose security questions.

Click here to register now!

If you’re already a registered user, just login the system with your username and password. Then you can manage your benefits and use the online tools easily! Click here to login and manage your benefits now!

Need more help, click here to find a United Healthcare Benefits customer phone number.