- Get Your Labcalls Laboratory Results Online

Did you take a laboratory test with Labcalls System recently? Would you like to learn your test results quickly? If yes, you can visit the website to access your results including blood work, pap smears, mammograms, etc.

How to use the system:

Enter your customer number (it’s provided to you when lab tests are ordered), unique ID (your social security number, no dashes) and PIN (your date of birth/mmddyy), and click the “login” button, then you can obtain your results.

Here is a PDF about FAQs of LabCalls Internet Access for you. If you need more help for this system, call toll free customer phone number at 866-535-9050.

Click here to login now!

Please note: If you’re unable to access your results within one month of testing being done, you should call the Clinic customer service number for results.

About Labcalls System:

LabCalls is owned by TeleVox, a company dedicated to provide IT solutions for health systems & benefits plans, physicians & dental practices. It’s a communication system that can let patients to get their laboratory test results via the Internet or telephone. It provides you with faster and more accurate service about your test. Learn more from here.