- Manage your health & medical care online

myProvidence was created to help you manage your health and your medical care online. This secure website gives you access to your Providence health plans claims and benefits information, as well as a personal health assessment, self-help tools, online bill payment options and more.It's available for you to access 24 hours a day 7 days a week and is free. If you have a Providence health plans member ID or a special access code, go to and register for your free account, then log in any time to access helpful plan information including your: 
  • Benefit summary, summary of benefits and coverage, and member handbook
  • Medical treatment and prescription drug cost estimators
  • Claims history
  • Explanations of benefits

You can also:

  • See how much you've met of your calendar year deductible and paid toward your out-of-pocket maximum
  • See your remaining balances for benefits that have service limits
  • Order a replacement member ID card
  • Set communication preferences, such as opting out of paper explanations of benefits
  • Take a personal health assessment
  • Access member discounts and services

How to use myProvidence

1. Go to On the left side of your screen, enter your user name and password; then, select the blue “LOG IN” button.

2. Can’t remember your user name or password? Select“Forgot your password?” or “Forgot your user name?”link for help.

3. Select the blue “Go Now” button in the green banner to begin your health assessment. Most questions require an answer, and
the assessment takes about 15 minutes to complete.

4. After clicking “Next” in Section 11, you’ll be taken to the PHA certificate of completion. Print your certificate and keep a copy of it as proof of your completion.