- Activate Your MyHeritage DNA Kit Online

Do you have questions about your where you come from? If yes, you can find the answer with the MyHeritage DNA test. The MyHeritage DNA kit is an autosomal DNA test for genetic genealogy, designed to discover and identify relatives and ancestors, through DNA matches with MyHeritage’s genealogical matching database.

To order a MyHeritage DNA kit, if you are not registered to MyHeritage, please visit and click on ‘Order now’. If you have received a kit, you can begin the MyHeritage DNA set up process by filling out a short online registration form with an email address, birth year, name (last and first), password, and gender. Activate a MyHeritage DNA kit online in just a few minutes.

Follow these steps to activate your MyHeritage DNA test:

1. Visit the page

2. Log in with your usual MyHeritage email address and password – if you have several MyHeritage accounts, make sure you are logged in with the details of the account you purchased the kit from, so that you will be able to track and manage your DNA sample.

3. Enter the activation code (the kit number) which you can find on the side of both vials or on the back of the kit package.

4. Click on ‘Continue’

5. Below the question ‘Whose DNA will this kit be testing?’, select ‘Mine’.

6. Make sure you read and accept the Service Terms and Consent Agreement and click on ‘Activate’ to activate the kit.

  • Activation will take between 4 to 6 minutes for most users (a little longer for those who need to register with MyHeritage)
  • Account creation is free
  • Customers must consent to DNA testing
  • DNA testing involves sending blood or a saliva sample through the mail via a small vial
  • Please allow up to 4 weeks for a respond when sending in a sample
  • Membership cost will differ based on the level of service and the type of information the customer is seeking