- Genesis Credit Login & Payment

Genesis Credit Online is a credit institution offering a number of perks for their cardholders. Folks need only sign up through the secure online form and register an account, and the spending can begin. Genesis Credit offers members an available credit limit that can be spent at any number of businesses. The program at My Genesis Credit is private label, which means the user’s account is only valid at participating retailers. The credit limit is final, and there is no credit limit increase option at this time.

Manage your Genesis credit account online and quickly experience the benefits, using My Genesis Credit online member portal offers a quick, well timed and dependable account management system that allows you to check your statements and have full control of your account anytime and anywhere.

How to register your account and gain access to the convenience of managing your account:

1. Go to Click on the ‘Register’ button from the top right menu to register your account.

2. Submit all the necessary information in the required field. Submit your account number, DOB, social security number, email address and password, and then click on the ‘Register Now’ button.

3. They will send an email to you by confirming that your account registration is complete.

4. Then Log In your account by using your user name and password. You can now pay your bill, see your transaction, change your personal information and download your statement from here.

For more questions, visit My Genesis credit FAQ page. You will see a compiled list of generally asked questions with provided answers that will help you to save your time. Or call their customer service thru their phone number 866-502-6439.