- Manage Your AARP Account Online

If you don’t have too much time to take care of your AARP Medicare plans, just go to the website and register your own online account to manage it anytime and anywhere. Once registered, you’ll be able to view your personal information, including plan details, coverage summaries, premium payment history and claims information.

How to register AARP Medicare Plan Online?

You should set up your online account by following these steps:

Step 1: Make sure you have a valid email address, make sure your member card and Medicare card on hand.

Step 2: Go and visit their website at, when you seeing the above screen click the register now button.

Step 3: Provide information to verify your account such as your member ID which can be found on the front of your card and your date of birth. Then click continue.

Step 4: Follow next steps to complete the registration process.

After registration, you can:
  • Get Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Get Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans
  • Get Medicare Prescription Drug Plans
How to contact with AARP Medicare Plan:
  • If you already are one of the plan members, contact them by calling the number on the back of your membership card. (8 AM—8 PM)
  • If you are new to this service, call toll-free 1-877-699-5710, TTY users please call 711.
  • If you need technical support for their website, call toll-free 1-800-721-0627, TTY users call 711.

About AARP:

AARP,Inc. has seven affiliated organizations include AARP Foundation, AARP Institute, AARP Experience Corps, AARP Insurance Plan, AARP Financial Services Corporation, AARP Services Inc. and AARP Insurance Plan. They all aim at turning people’s goals and dreams into real possibilities.