- Register Your GE Appliance Online

If you purchased some appliances from GE, you can now enjoy its great customer service by registering your appliance online at Sign in/create an account to get access to your appliance’s service history, make changes to service appointments, download manuals, track parts order status and more.

GE Appliances has always been very responsive to consumer needs, adapting to their changing needs. What makes GE Appliances popular and a favorite with majority of its customers, is its genuine and innovative designs. The registration process requires that the customer provides personal information such as address and phone number. Information must then be provided on the specific appliance that is being registered. The Serial number and Model number must be indicated, as well the Specific GE brand, the type of appliance and then the specific model type.


How to Register?
  1. Go to from your web browser
  2. If you are a resident of Canada, locate and click on the link given at the top of the page to proceed
  3. Enter all the required information in the fields provided, such as your full name, email address, address, Zip code and phone number
  4. Provide all appliance information such as brand, appliance, type, model and serial number.
  5. Click on the “Continue” button to finish the rest of the registration procedure

Suppose you have any questions about your appliances, please visit GE Appliances Service and Support and FAQs links for help.

About GE Appliances

GE Appliances is an appliance company headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. At GE Appliances, we make life better by designing and building the world’s best appliances. From design to production to service, our goal is to help people improve their lives at home.