Facebook.com/device - Activate Facebook on Your Device

Would you like to login your Facebook account on your device such as Smart TV, Game Console or Roku Player? If yes, you need to activate the “Facebook for Devices” service at www.facebook.com/device first. Just within a few steps, you can start to view your Facebook photos and connect with your family and friends on your TV or Game Console.

How to activate the Facebook service:

To start, you should make sure your device allows you to access your Facebook account through the dedicated app. If yes, follow these simple instructions:

1. First of all, launch the Facebook app on your device.

2. At the first launch of the app you will see an activation code that can be used to activate the “Facebook for Devices” service.

3. Open the website link www.facebook.com/device in the web browser on your PC or tablet. Then enter the activation code got from the above step, click on the “Connect” button.

4. On the next page, it will show you the APP you would like to activate. Click on the “Go to APP” button to continue.

5. Then it will ask you to manage the rights of the app you would like to permit. For example, if you don’t allow the app to access your contact information, click on the cross tick on the right. When you select all, click on the “Allow” button. Now the Facebook app on device is paired with your Facebook account and you need to set up a 4 digit PIN code for your device.

6. Launch the Facebook app on your device again, login your Facebook account using the PIN you have set up. That’s all.

Please note: The app may not provide a full Facebook experience. If you have a question about the app, you can sign in your web Facebook account and contact with the customer service.