Access & Print W-2 and 1095-C Online

Form W-2 is very important for people when filing their tax return. Form W-2 is a tax form for employers to state how much they paid to their employees. Each employee will need a Form W-2. In some companies, people can get their Form W-2 online from their human resources or administrative departments. You may need to sign the paper to get your W-2 online or some companies may send your W-2 by email. If the online W-2 is available in your company, you should learn how to get it online.

There are often three ways to get your W-2 online:

1. If your company offers the online W-2, you may find a link in the email from your employer. You just need to follow the steps:
  • Click the link, then you will go to the company’s document base where you can find the W-2 in a PDF version.
  • You may need to answer many questions correctly about your identity, as W-2 is a document of privacy.
  • Download your W-2 in PDF version.
2. Many companies don’t have W-2 by themselves; they may cooperate with a professional company offering such service. The steps are a little different:
  • Visit W-2 Management via the link: or (NEW URL)
  • Set up an account with a specific number they require, create the passport or enter the password provided by your employer
  • Login and get your Form W-2. The information will only be held for a limited time so you have to download your Form W-2 as soon as possible.
At, you can also get your Form 1095-C that includes information about the health insurance coverage offered to you by your employer. And you may need to submit information from the form as a part of your personal tax filing. Want to learn more about the Form 1095-C? See the Form 1095-C FAQ.

3.The last way is to download your Form W-2 by attached PDF. The process is much like the first one.
  • Your Form W-2 may be sent to you by email from your employer.
  • Considering the importance of the For W-2, you can not get your PDF directly, you have to enter some identifying information correctly.
Now you can finally download your Form W-2.