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Did you enjoy your meals at Farmer Boys restaurant recently? If yes, you might have seen a survey invitation on your receipt. Just go to the website www.Yourfeedback.to/farmerboys and complete an online customer satisfaction survey, you could have a chance to win a $25 Farmer Boys Gift Card every month!

How to enter & win:

Open the survey link www.Yourfeedback.to/farmerboys in your web browser, then you will be asked to enter the survey code found on your receipt. Enter it correctly and click the “Take Survey” button to start the survey.

It will you a few minutes to complete the survey. At the end, you will be asked to provide your name, email and phone number. If you provide, you will receive an entry of the sweepstakes.

Click here to enter the survey now!

Need help, leave your comments!

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10 comments on “www.Yourfeedback.to/farmerboys – Enter Farmer Boys Survey & Win a $25 Gift Card

  1. Ed Kirkham


    We have been frequent customers at your Store
    #0405 in Brookfield, Wi. We have been delighted with the food quality and the friendly service, especially in the last few months since Justin joined that team.

    Congratulations to you all.

    Ed and Arline Kirkham

  2. Bill Adams

    Dear Boston Market,

    My family an i stop at your restaurant, #1072 in Mount Holly, N.J., every time we are in that area. The food is always fresh and good, the next best thing to good old home cooking. Just the other day i stopped to get three dinners to take home, there was a lady that walked in at the same time we did and ordered a whole chicken dinner for take out. She went to pay the cashier and there was a problem with the cash register. We had to wait at least 15-20 minutes before we could pay and leave the store. The staff was very nice and was apologetic for the delay. This will not stop me from coming back, but i thought you should know.

    Thank you
    Bill Adams

  3. joyce mc crea

    Our accounting dept loves going to Boston Market on Sepelveda Blvd, Los Angeles, Calif,, Star at the register is awesome.. always happy and friendly.
    She makes it worth coming back and the food is great too.

  4. Kathleen Miller

    My meal was horrendous!! The spinach was stone cold, there was no cornbread and the yams had large, nasty chunks laying on top of it. Basically, and inedible meal.

  5. Bill Baker

    My Girl friend and I just had dinner in your Quincy store…The experience was great…I got the half chicken dinner with two sides..corn and some squash stuffing….My friend ordered some oriental chicken salad…After a little delay my friend went up to the counter to inquire…And after she returned a short time later with a chicken ceaser salad.I check the sales slip just to make sure we didn’t make a mistake in ordering and found out the salad was not even on the slip….I got the manager to tell her of my error in not paying for the salad…even thou it wasn’t the one we wanted..But was very happy with the chicken ceaser…All the manager wanted to know was if we wanted the one we orderd…After thanking her for the offer and telling her we were quite happy with the ceaser salad…She apologized and wouldn’t let us pay….I was blown away…My friend and I eat at Boston Market on an average three times a week….And after tonight I expect that will only get more frequent…My only regret is that I didn’t get the woman managers name…My dining experience couldn’t have been better….Thanks

  6. Shirley Keyes

    Why don’t your clerks mention the 20% discount
    to your senior cusstomers? The answer I received
    was that they are not allowed to ask our age. That’s
    a cop-out for someone 88.

  7. susan lake

    Hi…just tried to enter the sweepstakes, but it said my ticket number wasn’t valid……I usually love Boston market ,I travel for my job alot and have eaten at many Boston markets,,,one of my favorites is the one near New Castle Delaware…always fresh,,,,nut recently I was at the BM at store 0406 Whitehall Pa, I was excited cuz it was a drive through,,,the guy at the window was very friendly, I tried to order a small soda but he said one size very large 2 bucks,,,so I got it,,,long drive to philly,,,then I got my meal quarter dark new potatoes and corn…….it didn’t look very good but I was hungry, and already getting ready to drive,,, ,,,the chicken was dryed out ,I never experienced this before…the corn was too…the new potatoes were not cooked through neither was my corn bread…..but I ate it anyway,,,cuz I was hungry I know I should of taken ot back but I was already on Rt 22,,,and on a deadline….so thats my story about Whitehall BM,,,I probably won’t go there again…..

  8. Joan Gissy

    We had lunch at the Clayton Rd Boston Mkt. on Friday, the 25th of March, My sister-in-law ordered her fish dinner, then my husbund and I ordered the same, my sister-in-law received her dinner and after waiting a few min. after we had already paid, we were told it would be 20 min. to cook our fish, we were in a hurry and could not wait that long, so we told them to just give us the Brisket instead, and that was on the tough side. I also wanted a cup of coffee and had to wait until they brewed a fresh pot. The rest of the food was great but I don’t understand why at 11:45 A.M they do not have more fish available for lunch when they have this big sign on the window. FRESH FISH TODAY!

  9. Tony Conneally

    First the positive you make great burgers and usually have great service.
    However, like most companies you need to stick with what you are good at… Breakfast is just a poor business for you company to be in – you fail and fail badly.

    Dropped $34 on 3/17 Ck # 951396-1 and the order was totally a calamity of mistakes.

    First, I understand the need to reduce items you stock for food preparation. If you are going to feature cheese in omelets and other breakfast items. You must use shredded cheese – passing off American cheese slices for burgers won’t work. Wrong texture and no taste. Check with your cheese supplier

    Second, HASH BROWNS it is in the name – are to be cooked and brown – pale white with a slight yellowing and served cold. Tastes awful… try it. Even extra ketchup can not fix that mistake.

    Third TOAST… 3 issues here – should be warm and toasted with butter melted. If the toast comes with butter looking like it still from the butter tub in refrig- first clue not good. Second when the toast wiggles it is called bread at that point. And serving cold…no excuse.

    Lastly – adding coffee to someone’s breakfast tea…Says it all if you don’t know the difference between coffee and tea…you have no business serving breakfast. A person’s first cup of caffeine in the am…Is an important breakfast experience – suggest train staff or set up self beverages station for coffee and tea and let your customers handled it

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