www.Windstream.com/capp - Windstream Customer Account Protection Plan

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Are you a customer of Windstream? Want to secure your Windstream account? If yes, you can go to www.Windstream.com/capp to try The Customer Account Protection Plan (CAPP), which is designed to provide increased security to your information. It will help protect you against unauthorized changes or access to your account by requiring a specific passcode for a third party to access your account information.

Registering the CAPP service is vey simple. Just check out the above link, enter your Windstream Phone Number, last 4 digits of Social Security number and Security Code, then submit the form to get your CAPP passcode.

Learn more from www.Windstream.com/capp

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One thought on “www.Windstream.com/capp - Windstream Customer Account Protection Plan

  1. Virginia Lamascus

    I have a problem getting on my email account
    it asks for my code, but don’t know what it is.

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