www.Wagcares.com – Enter Walgreens Survey to Win $3,000 Cash Prize

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If you received a survey invitation on your Walgreens sale receipt, you should go to the website www.Wagcares.com to complete the survey within 72 hours for your chance to win $3,000 cash prize from Walgreens.

How to enter & win:

To start the survey, enter the survey code and password found from your receipt. Then follow the instructions to answer the survey questions honestly.  Once you complete the survey, you’ll be entered into the monthly sweepstakes automatically. You can also call toll free (800) 658-1584 to enter the survey.

Click here to start the survey now!

Please note:

Your answers to the survey questions will not affect your eligible to win, you can say all you want to tell Walgreens.

No purchase or payment of any kind necessary to win.

You must be 18+ to enter the sweepstakes.

For more rules and details, visit www.Wagcares.com now!

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135 comments on “www.Wagcares.com – Enter Walgreens Survey to Win $3,000 Cash Prize

  1. Carlos Jaramillo

    Muy ordena buna atncion al pubico bastante variedad de productos ecelentes precios y descuentos

  2. Wilma

    My family , friends & I we always like Walgreens Because they always have sale & has a good costumer service I can recommend this store to all my co. Workers & to all my friends

  3. :Linda

    i purchased some blue diamond almonds . i usually get these at Food lion. They cost me $3.99 a can. I brought 4 cans at Walgreens . I paid $ 10.02 . The cans at Walgreens only cost $2.44 for 2 cans and $2.45 for 2 cans which cost me. at Food lion i would have paid $15.96. I save $5.94 .

  4. darien

    Es. La mejor tienda. Con sus ofertas y descuentos. Y .su barieda de produtos

  5. Ana b carvajal

    La tienda Walgcreens , es muy bien decorada , administrada y tiene todos los articulos y elementos necesarios para la vida del hombre , su atencion es de primera calidad , los precios son bajos y estan al alcance de todo el puebo de los EStados UNidos , gracias

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