www.Theupsstore.com/survey – Enter The UPS Store Survey and Get Your Reward Coupon

Did you visit The UPS Store recently? Were you satisfied with their services? If you have some comments about your experience, you can go to www.TheUPSStore.com/survey to leave your feedback by completing an online customer satisfaction survey.

How to enter the survey:

Visit the above survey website, click the “Continue” button to start the survey. You will be asked to enter  the center number (located at the top of the receipt as The UPS Store # “xxxx”), transaction ID (located at the bottom right of the receipt as Tran: “xxxx”), and register number (located at the bottom right as Reg: “xxx”). Fill out and continue the survey. Answer the questions according to your experience.

At the end of the survey, you will receive three UPS Store coupons that you can use to save money on your next purchase at The UPS Store.

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The UPS Store Review:

The UPS Store is definitely the largest franchisor of retail shipping, printing, postal and business service centers all over the world. Currently, the corporation owns almost 4,700 stores in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada.

All the employees in the store are extremely helpful, and you can get really positive experience. Once in a rainy day one of my friends went to their store before the store opened, the staff member told him to come in because it’s too cold outside. It is pretty nice for them to do so, since he never complained about waiting. I have been to a bunch of print shops, but I have never heard that kind of warm story before. The system in The UPS Store will remember every customer’s account, so you will get warm welcome if you come to the store again.

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  1. Patricia LaAPene | August 29, 2011 at 11:53 am |

    I’m alwayws sastified when I go to UPS store, everyone is always courteous & professional. My packages arrive on time (always). I’ve been to the UPS store several times, and not a time when I was dissappointed. When I go to the Post Office I’m constantly calling them to see what happened to my package which I pay for 3 day delivery and it always gets there sometimes 8 days later! Thank-you UPS for such great service.

  2. 10/9/11 Walked into 39120 Argonaut Way Fremont UPS at 8:15 AM., being there early, I find myself to be the 2nd person waiting in line for assistance with only the 1st person & myself in the store along with a young male clerk, sooner or later 2 more entered the store and rudely the clerk assisted the other two who just entered after us. Being the only brown skin, I sense there was discrimination here. I really felt uncomfortable and treated rudely for the clerk assisted the once who came later. Then I was told that the box I was to send my item in with, wasn’t adequate to their standard UPS box. I end up paying for a box that was compatible to my box I brought in. Truly, if I had a chose to choose between UPS & FedEx, I’ll stick with company who has better customer service which is FEDERAL EXPRESS!

  3. I mail packages from the store on woodward between 12and 13 mile road. The Royal Oak store. I just wanted to leave a comment of praise for the fast efficient and good seervice that I get there on a regular basis. I wouldnot go anywhere else.

  4. I love the closeness (2 corners distant) to my home on the same busy street(Montrose Avenue) but the prices for a 4 lb. package is exhorborant! I’m on a fixed income and disabled so I can’t make the post office easily. Also, I have my packages wrapped, addressed and ready to go whenever I come, and they are now asking for if we want to use a box or mailing label. The answer is NO!

  5. I brought a box to the UPS @ 1936 Hempstead Tpke, East Meadow, NY store that I spent a good part of the afternoon packing, myself. Spent over $15.00 on packing material to make sure it was securely packed and purchased $200.00 shipping insurance at that time. Never told that UPS SHOULD DO THE PACKING. The item arrived damaged and UPS is refusing to pay up. Still getting a runaround from UPS CORPORATE and the store clerk. They said that I must have poorly packed it. Bull…t. At least the USPS lives up to insurance contracts. Next step – court.

  6. Joel Dressler | December 21, 2013 at 8:20 pm |

    I had UPS sent a small package to my sister in Seattle, WA from Cedar Rapids Iowa on December 14th and was told that it would arrive in Seattle on December 16 but my sister just told me that it never arrived! The tracking number for this item is:
    IZWF0022030951622 and the name and address in Seattle is:
    Marie R. Wong
    1206 NE 70th St.
    Seattle, WA 98115
    Phone: (206) 524-1206

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