www.TGIFSurvey.com – Enter T.G.I. Fridays Survey to Get a Free Appetizer

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If you received a T.G.I Fridays receipt with a survey invitation, go online the website www.Tgifsurvey.com now and enter the 13-digit survey code to complete a short survey. You’ll receive a validation code at the end of the survey. Write down the code on your receipt and bring it to your local T.G.I Fridays next time, you can receive a free appetizer as a reward.

Click here to enter the survey now!

To enter the survey correcrly, please visit it with a standard browser (not a mobile/tablet browser) and enable the cookies.

If you would like to visit T.G.I Friday’s next time, don’t miss these T.G.I Friday’s printable coupons I collected for you!

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68 comments on “www.TGIFSurvey.com – Enter T.G.I. Fridays Survey to Get a Free Appetizer

  1. Lucia

    I don’t know what’s the matter with all you people and i feel bad, because i found it quite simple to get to the survey and get my code and also get my free $8 appetizer!!!

  2. Gene Nainiger

    No it is true. At first I had not had a problem with getting into the site to enter the Survey Code. Today April13 instruction say to enter your E mail and the site will forward you to the survey. I have been doing this for two days and I never receive anything that direct me to where I can enter the store number. My store number was in Mentor, Ohio #1546. My surver was #28 Hunter. He informed the manager Tom,who said he would bring this up at a meeting with the higher ups this coming week. Tom was not even aware of this problem. I will have to wait to see if he, Tom, can do anything about this. PS: I enjoy going to this restaurant and have brought several of my friend there too. Did I mention that I am in my mid sixties. Geno

  3. richard villec

    I could not get on line to fill out the survey for the free appetizer.

  4. roger williams

    i think u need to change ur servey rules i go there 4 or 5 times a week but i can only respond to 1 servey in 7 days i have different servers when i go i think its unfair to other servers that wait on me thanks roger

  5. roger williams

    ive waited 10 days since my last survey i tried to take one tonight it wouldnt let me it says i have to wait 7 days well its been 10 so i want be doing anymore surveys

  6. Susan

    I have been going to my TGIF for 10 years, have put up with the changing of staff, and management. Have had many great meals, but awful ones as well. I do not like it when I go into the survey site ,and am told it has been too long since my visit. This was the first time this has happened. Even if I waited too long, I have always been approved to do the survey and get the free appetizer.

    I agree with the person that goes more than once in 7 days; we do also, but are only able to do one survey. Now, there is a “receipt cop”; don’t like this at all. Guess we will be going to Carrabba’s from now on.

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