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Now if you make a purchase at Rexall pharmacy store, you’ll receive a sale receipt with survey invitation that asking you to visit www.TellRexall.ca to take part in the Rexall customer survey. Once you complete the survey, you’ll receive a coupon for $ 2 off your next $20 purchase and 10 chances to win $1,000 cash prize.

How to enter:

Just type the correct url www.TellRexall.ca in your web browser and provide the required information from your receipt such as Total Amount Spent, Date of Visit, Time of Visit and Survey Code. Then click on the “ENTER” button to start the survey. Answer all the questions they present to you. Once you complete the survey, you will get your coupon rightly and you’ll be entered into the $1,000 Cash Prize Draw automatically.

Please note, you must be legal age to participate. See more details online at www.TellRexall.ca!

About Rexall:

It’s a convenient way for me to reach for beauty, health and pharmacy helps on Rexall. There are thousands of health products in it. In the shops, I can use Interactive electronic touch platform to search for what I want. It’s an easy and fast way to know whether the products are sold out. And some advices of the products will be given on the screen of the platform. Health advisors and beauty advisors are ready to give all kinds of tips and cares. In the leisure area, I can read books and magazines for free and rent CD to learn more about beauty and health care. Rexall provides really good services!!

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116 comments on “www.TellRexall.ca – Tell Rexall & Win $1,000 Cash Prize

  1. M. Anos

    the pharmacist in your drugstore in 1795 Henderson Highway, is nasty, I found out from your other staff that her name is Shirley, She’s not very helpful on just trying to ask the Rexall baby aspirin i’m trying to buy, asto how much the price would be. Aside from letting me wait for few minutes, which I obliged, When she came , she was not receptive of my questions as to how much , with a bit of insulting voice, that she doesn’t have the computer to find that out, and whatever the price tag, that should be the price, She was so nasty, that she coundt be bothered at all. I would flatly say that you shouln’t be keeping that kind of worker to your company, she’s a disgraced, contrary to others who are polite, helpul and always willing to help .

  2. Lori King

    Thank you Marg ..Valleyview. showing me many ways to receive the best value for my dollar ar Rexall

  3. Kaye Tompsett

    Wish me luck!!! Would be a life saver if I won any amount of money!!!

  4. In Ja Choi Kim

    I don’t mind give comment on Rexall, where I love to shop, (Ref. win $1000.00….etc.)….but when I follow website
    There are too….. many other stuff’s-ad +….., require credit card #….., which I don’t like to do so since I don’t know who they are. except Rexall who I trust.

  5. james vincelette

    I love the people at the Pharmacy best of all. they go threw the time to talk to you and they got know me very quick .
    They corrected me on some medications that I was taking at the wrong time and the medicine started to actually work I started to feel better . Thank you Rexall.
    James Vincelette

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