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Now if you make a purchase at Rexall pharmacy store, you’ll receive a sale receipt with survey invitation that asking you to visit www.TellRexall.ca to take part in the Rexall customer survey. Once you complete the survey, you’ll receive a coupon for $ 2 off your next $20 purchase and 10 chances to win $1,000 cash prize.

How to enter:

Just type the correct url www.TellRexall.ca in your web browser and provide the required information from your receipt such as Total Amount Spent, Date of Visit, Time of Visit and Survey Code. Then click on the “ENTER” button to start the survey. Answer all the questions they present to you. Once you complete the survey, you will get your coupon rightly and you’ll be entered into the $1,000 Cash Prize Draw automatically.

Please note, you must be legal age to participate. See more details online at www.TellRexall.ca!

About Rexall:

It’s a convenient way for me to reach for beauty, health and pharmacy helps on Rexall. There are thousands of health products in it. In the shops, I can use Interactive electronic touch platform to search for what I want. It’s an easy and fast way to know whether the products are sold out. And some advices of the products will be given on the screen of the platform. Health advisors and beauty advisors are ready to give all kinds of tips and cares. In the leisure area, I can read books and magazines for free and rent CD to learn more about beauty and health care. Rexall provides really good services!!

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150 comments on “www.TellRexall.ca – Tell Rexall & Win $1,000 Cash Prize

  1. Lin da

    I was not granted the scanning code of ethics. I was politely told the didn’t have one.. I was a cashier for years and we always had to do this. Is this a choicen practice?

  2. Linda

    Rexall Phamacy in Bolton is always disappointing
    Every time I am told that my Mothers prescription will be ready in the full amount it is not.
    I Even call ahead of time and give them a few days and they never seem to have it ready.

  3. Linda

    Rexall In Bolton is always disappointing
    They never seem to be able to give me the full amount of my mothers prescription even if I call a few days in advance .
    I do not like being told that it will be ready and then I go there being told that it is not.

  4. Penny Gower

    I regularly use the pharmacy at Pharma Plus in Caledonia, Ont. for all my prescription needs. The pharmacy staff
    go out of their way to check all your prescriptions for interactions and are so helpful. Recently I started getting
    all my medications in the blister packs. Linda spent her time going over all my meds to make sure what is taken and
    when. No more getting low on pills or filling weekly packs, this is all looked after for me. The staff always has time
    to talk to you or look for something. Wouldn’t shop anywhere else.

  5. Terri Clark

    I went shopping at Rexall at Fiesta Mall in Stoney Creek. I picked up a few things and a wedding card. Karen was cashing me out and asked, oh soyou have a wedding? When I told her it was in Dunnville, she was commenting on how nice that would be and such great people live in Dunnville. She was so polite. I feel like I knew her forever. Very easy and personable to talk to. Very helpful,too. A great shopping experience! Thank you!.

  6. Annie Loane

    I enjoy shopping at Rexall drugs the staff in the pharmacy are very friendly.

  7. carol mccanse

    I am very upset that our Rexall is closing at Harbourfront. We have had a pharmacy here for over 30 years and this one was very special and the pharmacist Ruth Ann was wonderful. Many, many residents are devastated that it is closing the end of the month and many cannot walk the distance to Waterpark location. Please do not close this location.
    Thank you.
    Carol McCanse

  8. jean levasseur

    i bought for $9.00 and put that amount in the full amount box and it is not accepted…I saved $7.00–here’s the bill numbers ;165848 till #2 81013 04/13/2016 14 h 19 min 07 sec. THAT IS FOR THE SURVEY $1,000.00…Anyway you can help me out ?…..thank you ….Can phone me at (604)512-6940

  9. Shelly

    I love the convenience of 1822 Whites Rd, Pickering drug store. The staff are wonderful, and helpful. The Pharmacy staff however is another story. It is disorganized, making us wait, the language of all staff is a barrier; there never seems to be a pharmacist that can chat as they are overworked. We need to understand our meds and the side effects. I have asked repeatedly for a stopper for my son’s liquid meds only to be told, they again forgot or company doesn’t provide-no solution is ever provided. My son needs his meds; I call to leave a message to a void the staff; and they still do not process the meds in time. As a result; I am moving my business. I see the frustration of all clients; not being served; standing waiting, the pharmacy is grossly understaffed; it is so hard to understand the staff that is present and they come off as rude; when I can see they are simply overwhelmed with the work.

  10. muriel jeffrey


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