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Did you eat at your local IHOP restaurant recently? Do you have some comments about their food or service? If yes, just go to the website www.Tellihop.com to enter the IHOP customer survey and get a reward coupon for your next time visit.

How to get your coupon:

To enter the survey, you should have a recent IHOP receipt at hand because it will ask you to enter a valid survey code from your receipt. First, open the website www.Tellihop.com in your web browser and follow the instructions to complete a short guest satisfaction survey first. Then you’ll a validation code. Write it down on your survey invitation and take it your local IHOP store, you can redeem the off shown on it.

Click here to start the survey now!

My Review of IHOP:

IHOP is known as The International House of Pancakes. It is a family restaurant chain which specializes in breakfast foods. The cooperation creates a relaxed environment for customers to have fresh and tasty food. Now, IHOP sustains more than 1,500 company-owned and franchised locations.

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Join the IHOP Pancake Revolution to receive a free birthday meal – Limited time offer. Must be 13 years or older to join/participate.

Sign Up for IHOP Rewards – Signup now you can get free meals. You can earn points on your every purchase and redeem them into rewards from IHOP.

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5 comments on “www.Tellihop.com – Tell IHOP & Get a Reward Coupon

  1. Sally Earnhart

    I ate Ihop in Goshen, In on 11-10-12 code 3115111039088 waitress *207 Irene. I have qiute a few compaints: 1-it took us over 25 minutes to get our food – 2 our silverware was dirty – 3 I ask for sauage and got bacon – and my big plate had 2 big chips and the small one with the pancakes had another big chip, I use to like eating there quite a lot but this was a very bad experience. Two tables with more people came in and they got their food way before and there was only two of us. This was at 1:30PM. Just wanted to let you know you have 2 unhappy people for eating there. Sally and Eleanor

  2. Raylene Brown

    My husband and I ate dinner at the I-Hop in Peachtree City,Ga. On Saturday evening. We arrived at the restaurant at 7:00 pm. Our order was taken about 15 minutes later.While we were there we saw some people leave telling the staff they could not wait to order any longer.Some people who came in after us got their food and left before ours was delivered.The people at the table across from us told us they waited a long time for their food to be delivered and when they left wished us good luck.The food was finally delivered at 7:50 and was very good. Our server was very pleasant.We have eaten at this restaurant many times before and have never waited this long for our food to be delivered.We finally left the restaurant at 8:20.

  3. Michael Douglas

    0770100858688 resturant already filled out my survey told them I was going to fill one out. Was informed after going to web site that the survey has already been completed for this receipt.

  4. lawrence poplaski

    I have brought many customers to I Hop to eat. I use my computer to try to get them discounts with surveys. The survey site won’t let me put more than one slip in for that time, just because they were done on my computer . They are upset because they are daily customers and have been eating there for some time. This should not continue if you want to promote more business, not less..Thank you.

  5. J Brown

    My sister and I ate at the IHop in Columbus, Ga. Store #4425 and the waitress was great. I was not able to fill out the survey within the 3 days but would like to let you know that Sandra D 103 was one of the best waitress ever.
    She went out of her way to make our breakfast enjoyable.
    thank you

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