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Would you like to get a free iPad? It’s very simple!! Just go to your local KFC restaurant, eat your favorite foods and talk to KFC, then you could have a chance to win an iPad Tablet Computer.

How to talk and win:

First, you should make a purchase at a KFC restaurant so that you can get a sale receipt. Once you get the receipt, you can go online the website www.TalktoKFC.com and follow the instructions to take part in the KFC customer satisfaction survey. If you complete the survey, you will receive a entry to The KFC Customer Opinion Sweepstakes for a chance to win an iPad tablet computer with an approximate retail value of $500.

There is a winner every week! So what are you waiting for? Go to eat and talk to KFC right now!

If you already had a receipt, click here to enter the survey now!

My Review of KFC:

The KFC’s Fried Chicken is only one reason I come to the restaurant. It’s the best delicious you should taste. If you’re going to KFC restaurant, don’t forget to use the KFC coupons they provide you. They can save your money on your purchase.

How to get the latest KFC Printable Coupons:

You should visit KFC Deals Center and join The COLONEL’S EMAIL CLUB. After join, you can get the latest KFC printable coupons for your local KFC restaurant, such as:

- $1 off 2 Pc Original Recipe Boneless Combo
- Free Original Recipe Bonless Pc w/Purchase
- Free Lil’ Bucket Kid’s Meal w/Purchase
- $4.99 10 Pc Original Bites combo.

Just print out this page and take it to your local KFC restaurant, then you can redeem the coupons your like.

Want to get more exclusive KFC coupons and promotions, keep your eyes on KFC.com often!

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100 comments on “www.TalktoKFC.com – Enter KFC Survey & Win an iPad Tablet

  1. Dion Barron

    I didn’t know about this survey but I am looking for a place to let you know of our great experience at KFC. We flew to Bentonville AR to watch a grandson’s football game and were looking for a good family diner because we had a group of 13 people. Everyone was very friendly but most of all I want to let you know that Demetria Banks who took our order won our hearts! She was gracious and happily let the kids change their orders over and over again until they were sure they had chosen just the right thing. In the end my husband was very happy with the bill because it was a great deal and everyone was happy. Thanks! Dion Barron PS we won the football game, too!
    #C080020 ticket #011754;ref: 2000097K;trans#4166; date 10/10/13

  2. Dion Barron

    How do I make sure that the right people get this comment that Demetria Banks and the staff at store C080020 get recognized for their great attitudes working with the public. Thanks. Dion Barron

  3. jaiedene watts

    I am very disappointed in the service .was not given any choice when I orders a three chicken stripes. It was promoted and a drink and I did not order that .Don’t thank I will be back. Jaiedene Watts

  4. Moussa

    I just wanted to say that the service was great. And I will be back. But I really wanted to thank Tabitha and say that she served us with a smile and was very cheerful thank you Tabitha!

  5. James Rosene

    I recently stopped a the KFC in Plymouth NC for dinner oo way home from a basket ball game as a treat for my daughters win. But boy did we lose! I think we could of got better food and service from the man at Bojangos who takes out the trash. First the lady at the counter asked what do you want? Really not welcome can I take your order? Then I order an 8pcs extra crispy meal. Then I’m told they don’t have any really at dinner time and you don’t have extra crispy, so I ask how long and I’m told 20 mins. So I’m in a hurry and like I said its a treat for my daughter, so I order original recipe, and after 15 mins waiting I get my order to go. I walk to a table to check my order and sure enought it’s WRONG! It suppose to be a 8pcs 4 biscuits 2large sides and 12 cookies( there special they are running). Well no cookies, so back to the counter where I tell them the orders wrong and get a snotty what’s wrong? I tell her that they forgot the cookies. So once again how long? She tells me 12mins, now I’ve already been here 15mins. They knew they didn’t have the food cause they check the ticket before they gave me the bag. I asked the lady did they have any food and and she said yes what do you mean. I said you don’t have extra crispy and now you don’t have cookies? She said its a special so they sell a lot and are out right now. If you gonna have a special that offers a set number of something then common sense would tell you to have a minimum of that many on hand a all times. Mind you there was no one in there when I went in there and I was there 15 mins and there was no cookies that I was told would take 12mins to cook. Maybe it’s my math or there lack of education but it seems to me I could of had fresh hot food in the time I was there but what I got was a fresh attitude from someone who must not like her job. So when I get home 10mile drive the biscuits hard as a rock the chicken is cold and tough and sure not worth what I just went through. I can housety say I stopped here because it was an away game it it was on the way, but I will drive the extra 25 miles to go to Washington to eat somewhere else do to your poor service, poor quality and the fact you can’t get what you ordered. My recommendation is take away the franchise to the company and to customers DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY EAT SOMEWHERE ELSE! Sincerely someone who use to love KFC.

  6. Maedell Fitzgerald

    I stopped in at KFC after shopping and a doctors appointment 12/18/13 . Was very pleased with the service form my server Susan. the order was to go and the wait was very short and the server was very friendly, but then they always are.

  7. Maedell Fitzgerald

    I stopped in at KFC after shopping and a doctors appointment 12/18/13 . Was very pleased with the service from my server Susan. The order was to go and the wait was very short and the server was very friendly, but then they always are.

  8. James Drennon

    KFC is my favorite fried chicken place to eat at the prices are great you can take it home or dine in the restaurant with friends or family


    i have served by lizzy

    i always eat at kfc my lunch, its so yammy mmmm so good.

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