www.Shopko.com/crsurvey – Enter Shopko Customer Survey & Win $250 Gift Card

If you went to shop at Shopko stores recently, and keep the receipt in your hand, you can go to www.Shopko.com/crsurvey to take part in an online Customer Survey and have a chance to win a $250 Shopko gift card.

How to enter the Shopko Customer Survey:

Go to www.Shopko.com/crsurvey, enter the three digit Store Number located at the top of your receipt, then click “next” to start the survey. It will show you some questions, answer them according to your feedback. By completing the entire survey, your name will be entered in a drawing to win a $250 Shopko gift card.

No purchase necessary. Limit of up to 4 entries per person per month. Open to legal residents of the United States, 18 years or older.

Learn more rules from http://www.shopko.com/crsurvey

My review of Shopko:

I’m really tired of going out shopping. It takes much time to select the different kinds of goods by walking from one place to another. And if it rains, going out shopping will turn into a tough task. I love Shopko! Not only because there’s no need for me to go out shopping, but there are so various kinds of goods in it! And it almost includes as many brands as you can imagine! On Shopko, I often can get many discounts. It’s a whole new shopping experience! Fast, easy and save!

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50 comments on “www.Shopko.com/crsurvey – Enter Shopko Customer Survey & Win $250 Gift Card

  1. Lotua Tuuao

    On Aug ll 2012 I went to the Shopko near me in West Valley, ut I haven’t been in the shopko store for three or four years, the last time I was there I did not see any of my big size until this day the 11th of Aug as mention above and to my surprised I went whacky checking out allllllll these big sizes half sizes etc, but couldnot find skirt tho, thank you for carrying these big sizes and of course while I was checking out wait at a line a cashier name Julie took me to her booth where theres’ no waiting so I was happy I did not have to wait in line thank you shopko for having people that care about their job that care about their customers I am pleased and will go to shopko more often since I know I will find my size there, along with pleasant people that serve the customer

  2. wanda berryman

    i did a survey and i recieved a 5.00 coupon how cani get it.

  3. anglia cochran

    i have been looking for a store that has pink camo i will be back to get more pink camo stuff and my bday is nov.16and i will be in there toget more pink camo stuff and i just moved up be and i like your store a lot i will be doing more shopping there

  4. Patty Lewis

    I got into some good deals today, July 23-2014 school clothes for my grandsons, I like going to shopko because less people there

  5. Patty Lewis

    I got into some good deals today, July 23-2014 school clothes for my grandsons, I like going to shopko because less people there . and you always have lots of bedding selections.

  6. Dick Saul

    Store # 752. Shopping at Shopko does not leave me stressed out. Items are well displayed and the isles are wide and easy to navigate my cart. The specials are something that keep bringing me back to shop and the items I have purchased are of very good quality. I am grateful that Shopko has a store in my home town.

  7. Clyde & Nettie

    I had a great visit ; we live in G,R Wy, and Marilyn was are check er i came to the store shopco , 4 times brin^[ ging my grandkids one at a ti

  8. JoAnn Uttech

    April 12, 2015 I received a call this afternoon telling me my prescription refills were ready. (I called two of them in Yesterday morning.) When I get to the store, they only had one. I told them I called two in at the same time. I was told to wait a few minutes while they got the other one ready. When I went back, I was told they were out of it.
    Disgusted, I left, and will now have to make another trip back.!!

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