www.Service.symantec.com/drm – Activate Your Symantec Product Online

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If you have bought a Norton Antivirus CD and start to install it, you can go to www.service.symantec.com/drm to learn how to activate your products first.

What is Symantec product activation?

It is a way to make sure that Symantec programs are legally licensed. If you product is not activated within 15 days, it will stop working. To activate, you must use a unique product key found on the CD sleeve.

How to activate your Norton product:

The steps for to activate your product differ slightly depending on what version you are activating. Click the version of your Norton product:

  • I have Norton 360 Version 3.0 or Norton 360 Version 3.0 Premier Edition
  • I have Norton 360 Version 2.0 or Norton 360 Version 2.0 Premier Edition
  • I have Norton 360 Version 1.0
  • I have a Norton Internet Security product

If you need more help, visit www.service.symantec.com/drm and read the FAQs or call Symantec customer support number at 1-800-721-3934.

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  1. norton symantec can’t all virus clean

  2. my trial version of Norton antivirus expired… I bought a “Norton By Symantec Norton 360″ at Walmart… I have been trying to install this product on my computer… it goes as far and then I get an error message that says…” The installation has encountered an error and is unable to continue… and says I can send the report to Symantec… then I get a message that the report failed to send and to make sure that I am conected to the internet… I AM CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET!!! … I would either like this product to install properly on to my computer or I want a full refund… I haven’t ever had this much problems installing products like this before.

  3. bruno dorigatti | March 7, 2013 at 10:33 am |

    oggi é sparito il mio norton antivirus che scadeva il giorno 07/11/2013 causa
    una mancanza di energia elettrica sul mio computer. cosa devo fare? desidero sapere se sono protetto anche se non vedo icona norton antivirus?

  4. habe versucht Norton 360 aufzuladen ging auch bis zum Produktschlüssel ein geben gut dann kam Fehlerprotokolle werden erfasst kommt keine anzeige wie lang das dauert oder wie weit er ist das läuft schon 17 stunden und es tut sich nix brauche schnellstens rat danke

  5. Please I want know about my account.

  6. I don’t know how to install my Norton 360 anti virus

  7. why am I always received email and tell me my PC protection is expired. I just bought Norton 360 on 3/15/13. Why?

  8. can’t get norton 360 to run on windows vista. need help?

  9. how to activate the norton antivirous

  10. good evening,

    I have norton 360 premium on my computer. This has elapsed since a few days.
    I have a new version purchased. If I want to load this will start installing the message. This I start and then start installing the message and it remains entirely suspended. What am I doing wrong?

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