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Many companies are choosing TALX as their HR, Payroll, and Tax Management Solutions. If you work in the company using TALX, your employer may ask you to use their Paperless Pay system (www.Securitasepay.com) to access your paystubs online at convenience.

With Securitasepay.com, you can view your payroll information and manage your account anytime, via web and phone. You can also use the system to make direct deposit changes and update your state or federal W-4 with paperless. If you want to change address, names, and marital status, it’s also very convenient and easy when you use the online system!

How to use TALX Paperless Pay:

1. Visit www.securitasepay.com in a standard web browser.

2. Login to your account with your social security number and your default PIN which is your date of birth (MMDDYY). If you have changed your PIN, use the new PIN.

3. After login, you can see the three main selections: Pay-stub Review, Income verification, Personal Information. Click on the links and follow the instructions.

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About Talx:

TALX (now is Equifax Workforce Solutions) is a famous human resources company with over 40 years of history. It provides HR, Payroll, and Tax Management services to the companies from the Fortune 500 to small private employers. You may often enjoy the services they provide, such as The Work Number, UC Express, W-2 Management, Tax Credit, and so on.

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