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Sears Home Services (www.SearsHomeServices.com) is a separate division of Sears, offers parts and repair services for all major brands of products within the home appliances, consumer electronics,  lawn and garden equipment, floor care products, and heating and cooling systems categories.

Their services are very great!! They will give you a detailed description of all the available parts and accessories. If you have any comments about their services, you can go to www.SearsHomeServices.com/feedback and complete an customer feedback survey by entering the Sears No. and Service Order No. found on your service receipt.

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153 comments on “www.SearsHomeServices.com/feedback – Sears Home Services Survey Online

  1. carmen miranda

    EL TECNICO QUE REPARO MI ESTUFA EN Abril 13 hizo un excelente trabajo. Es muy competente y rapido,muchas gracias.

  2. Carolyn Lewis

    My 80 year old mother has been waiting over 2 months to have her AC fixed, finally got a tech to come out he was really nice but he had to order a part,and that was two weeks ago and still no show, her Unit is 4 years old and it’s been one thing after another..The weather in AR has been in the 90′s, and higher she’s had to put in window units to stay cool..Sears sales all this stuff makes it look like a great buy but then they don’t have anyone that CAN are WILL work on it.. I would like the Big Dogs that runs Sears to think about how they would feel if it was there Mothers that had to do with out AC in the summer time in AR.. Our Family will NEVER buy anything from Sears again.

  3. Dissatisfied customer

    I used to trust Sears. Now I know that I am not a valued customer, even though I am a long-term customer. In addition to being dissatisfied with the contractor that Sears sent to my home, I am now thoroughly dissatisfied with Sears’ customer service. I wanted an explanation of the charges I incurred because of the incomplete invoice. When I went to Sears.com, the parts I received were over $275 less than what I was charged (a total of at least $525 since the installer said I needed 2 of them). After 12 days of broken promises, disconnected calls, inconsistent explanations, and lengthy hold times (up to 15 minutes), a Sears customer service representative finally told me what I suspected – Sears backs the installers and whatever they charge. The customer is out of luck and there’s nothing that Sears will do. I will not use Sears for any in-home service again!

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