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If you have received a  ”3 Free Gifts“ card from Readers Digest, just logon to www.readersdigest.com/3free or www.readersdigest.com/myfreegifts and fill out a simple application form, then you can receive free surprise gifts from Readers Digest.

Claim your free gifts now!

Many people have complained that they received a billing statement in the mail from Readers Digest after applied for the free gifts. So before you start the application, you have to read what it says.

If you subscribe to getting the books every month you will get 3 free. You are supposed to cancel the subscription, if you do not wish to continue receiving the books. If you want the free books you will automatically receive the monthly books and it is your responsibility to mail them back!

Read more  instructions and terms from www.Readersdigest.com/3free.

Readers Digest has been around for many years now. Also, one of my friends did receive free gift. Often people don’t read all of the info provided and assume that the first line of what they read is what they are getting. You have to read the whole description!

If you have questions or need help, call their customer service phone number 800-310-2181 or visit their Contact Us page.

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40 comments on “www.Readersdigest.com/3free – Redeem Your Free Gifts from Readers Digest

  1. Sally Felgar

    Just send me the 3 free gifts that you promised.
    Thank You

  2. louis MATTIOLI


  3. Emily Wolf

    Pls. cancel my subscription as I did NOT order it.
    #RDA0794817387/6# 4431NCEF

  4. Donna

    Talk about user UNfriendly.
    I thought if you offerd free gits with a subscription they were sent automatically upon reciept of payment. Guess not.
    Was not happy about receiving Nov, Dec/Jan, and Feb just this week; granted the order was placed in November, but really what were you thinking. Sending three at once, late so the subscription expires sooner, is a real smart way to keep people interested in your magazine.

  5. Mary

    hi i did not order the CD i need it to be return. please do not sent any other items i did not ask for. Thank you

  6. Kellie

    So i just got a pink slip saying to i have a chance to win 450,000, if only i believed this!! I wish these types of companies would stop sending shit out like this… I dont want your bull shit !

  7. `Ekalafi Niutoni Tuaimeiapi

    What happened to your gift that I still waiting for the response from your company , I lost my time for scratch the 3 car on the amount two hundred thousand , and send together with 3 Certificate .etc that you asked me to send it back and also I email to you to confirmed it , but still I wait you send me other request for the another lucky draw form ? I told you now I joined 2011 in this but I lost a lot of money but not have enough evidence for us to encourage us that is true is only you show the the people they won on your magazine , who know that is true ,everyone can do this for scam , I need you to check up work procedure ,even we dont want to expense our money in a dangerous way , I check my email to contacting you again was already lock up the email address from your company why ? I very needed you to work for this as quick as you can If not we have to move to the ombudsman for reconcile your work procedure and also the world human right to share with them

  8. Lynette Reilly

    I put above address in but cannot find the correct site. I received urgent notification with the I.D. QF169158. Please advice. Regards, Lynette

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