www.Protectmyid.com/scdor – Redeem Your One Year Membership of ProtectMyID Alert

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If you’ve received a letter that includes an activation code for a one year membership of Experian’s ProtectMyID Alert service, just visit the website www.Protectmyid.com/scdor and enter the activation code: SCDOR123 to redeem the offer online.

Click here to redeem now!

You can also call toll-free number 1-877-371-7902 to redeem it.

What ProtectMyID  can do for you?

It monitors your credit daily for 50 leading indicators of identity theft.

It alerts you timely when any key changes are found in your credit report.

It provides you with a free copy of Experian credit report and $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance Coverage.

It tells you how to resolve potential identity theft.

Learn more about ProtectMyID Benefits!

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11 comments on “www.Protectmyid.com/scdor – Redeem Your One Year Membership of ProtectMyID Alert

  1. Randy Oeffner

    My membership was to be at no cost and being provided by PMRS for 12 months. They (PMRS) gave me an activation code and I redeemed but, cannot get my credit score for Experian? If this is free from Pennsylvania Municipal Retirement System, why can I not get my score??
    Randy Oeffner

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