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Please note: Walmart Product Care Plan has  migrated from www.Productassist.com/walmart to www.asurion.com/walmart!

What is Walmart Product Care Plan?

It is the extended warranty and replacement plan of qualifying items (e.g. camera, laptop and printer) offered by Walmart. Once a plan is purchased, it will protect the item you have purchased for accidental damage replacement and other services. There is much of a chance that your item has something wrong beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.

How to Register Your Walmart Product Care Plan?

To start, you should have your purchase receipt and product information handy. Then open the above mentioned website and click on the “Get Started” button. Follow the instructions to provide your purchase and product information so that you can get online account. With the account, you can keep track of your purchase, file & track your claims 24/7 and get product support anytime.

How to file your claim:

If you choose to request a claim online, you login your Asurion.com account and click a button marked “Care Plan Management or File a Claim”, and provide the demanded details to file your claim.

You can also use a phone, you can call Product Care Plan Customer service at 1-877-968-6391 to file a claim. Then work with the representative to solve the problem of your merchandise.

Actually, Walmart have already made purchasing Product Care Plan easier than before. So it is a good and convenient choice to purchase it.

Please note: After you have bought your eligible item, you can buy a Walmart Product Care Plan, but you should get it within 90 days of the date you made your purchase. Plus, you should keep your original receipt. In order to take advantage of your plan, you need your purchase receipt as well as the email confirmation receipt for your replacement plan. The email serves as a digital copy and fulfillment of your plan.

Benefits of Walmart Product Care Plan:

You will enjoy a bundle of benefits once joined in Walmart Product Care Plan, such as one phone call for all replacement and repairs any time of any day, no extra payment for covered product repairs or replacement, free shipping and much more. The coverage of the Plans will include damaged caused by power surges, mechanical and electrical breakdowns, accidental damage from handling, defects in materials and workmanship, etc.

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42 comments on “www.Asurion.com/walmart - Register Walmart Product Care Plan Online

  1. Don Church

    That’s the last time I give Wal-Mart extra money for nothing. I will take my phone back and let the register if for me. If they can’t do it, maybe I will get my money back. If that don’t work, I will try calling 1-800-WAL MART. If we can’t get answer after all this I guess we can start an advertising campaign for the screwing you will get at WAL-MART.

  2. Elaine

    Tracy Keith, Call the store you bought the router . Ask for accounting. Tell them the date you bought it,register, if you remember, about what time you bought it. They may be able to give you a copy of your reciept

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