www.Asurion.com/ecp – Register for Sports Authority Extended Coverage Plan

If you have purchased an electronic product from Sports Authority recently, you can go to www.Asurion.com/ecp to register for The Extended Coverage Plan to provide replacement and repair services beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.

What is Sports Authority Extended Coverage Plan?

It’s a Customer Care plan that includes Replacement Plans and Service Plans. With the Replacement Plans (products under $199.99), you can get a free replacement if your covered product break due to mechanical and electrical failures. And with the Service Plans (products over $199.99), you can get free parts and labor to repair.

How to register:

To start, you should have your Sports Authority receipt and product information handy. Then open the above mentioned website, click on the “Register here” link. You need to create an Asurion.com account and provide the transaction number, product model number or serial number and purchase date to complete the registration process.

Click here to register now!

Once you’ve registered, you can view your coverage details, file claims for repair or replacement and get support by telephone or online.

Please note: If you product is listed as “UNKNOWN PRODUCT”, you should Re-identify your product and update the product information with the correct information.

Learn more FAQs from https://hub.asurion.com/ecp/en/faq.html!

Need more help, just call Sports Authority customer care number at 888-543-2922.

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  1. victor smith | October 19, 2011 at 10:29 am |

    I just tried to register a product that I brought from Sports Authority and the process was a piece of crap. When they asked me to identify the product, I detailed what the product was “Tommy Armour Automatic Golfball Dispenser. Next they asked me to confirm the product’s identification with the manufacture’s description from a “dropdown scroller” and it only shows “Tommy Armour Golf Clubs” and “Tommy Armour Golf Carts”. This is the correct manufacturer but the wrong Tommy Armour product that I brought. I do hope that if I have a problem with my “automatic dispenser” that this protection plan will take care of any problems.

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