www.Playatmcd.com – Enter Your Codes to Play McDonalds Monopoly Game

McDonalds Monopoly Game is coming back again at www.Playatmcd.com  from 11/3/2015 to 11/30/2015. Just log on to the website, redeem the Game Stamps found on your favorite menu items such as Big Mac, Medium Soft Drinks, Hash Browns and Filet-O-Fish Large Fries to play the game online, then you could have a chance to win to these great prizes from McDonalds.


How to Enter Codes & Claim Your Prizes:

Visit the website www.Playatmcd.com in your web browser and click on ‘CLAIM PRIZE NOW‘ from your winning message, or follow the claim instructions in your prize confirmation email. All prizes must be claimed by 11/30/2015. All prize claims are subject to verification.

The awesome game prizes including:

A check for $500,000

A 2016 Hyundai Tucson Sport FWD 1.6L Turbo, MSRP up to $26,150.

A 4-night trip for two (2) to Super Bowl 50, ARV: $9,240.

Xbox One console & Madden NFL 16, ARV: $559.98.

A $5,000 NFLShop.com Shopping Spree.

A $500 Fathead.com eGift Card.

Ticketmaster® 2016 Regular Season Tickets: 2 tickets to 1 NFL team’s 2016 regular home games.

And more…

You must be 13 yrs. or older to play.

Check out www.Playatmcd.com to read more rules and FAQs.

If you live in Canada, visit www.PlayatMcD.ca to participate in the game.

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