www.Petsmartgroomingsurvey.com – Enter Petsmart Grooming Survey and Get a Reward Offer

If you’ve taken your pet to enjoy a grooming service at local Petsmart store, you could receive a survey invitation to leave your feedback online at www.Petsmartgroomingsurvey.com. By completing the Petsmart Grooming Customer Satisfaction Survey, you will receive a reward offer for your next purchase in store.

How to enter the survey:

To enter the survey, you need to have your Petsmart Grooming receipt at hand. When open the above survey website, it will ask you to provide the 16-digit pin number located on your receipt. Just enter it correctly and click on the “Start” button to continue.

Then you need to follow the instructions to answer the survey questions on the website. All the questions are regarding your Petsmart Grooming experience. It will take you a few minutes to complete it.

At the final page, you will be given a validation code that can be used to redeem the discount offer showing on your receipt. Write the code on your receipt immediately and take it to your local Petsmart store next time so that you can enjoy the discount.

Click here to start the survey now!

Please note: Limit one offer per receipt per person.

8 Comments on "www.Petsmartgroomingsurvey.com – Enter Petsmart Grooming Survey and Get a Reward Offer"

  1. I have tried all morning to complete the grooming survey. After I enter the pin # and go to the second page it will not progress past 4% completion. My pin number is 1215-1643-0086-3819. Can you give me a validation code?

    Ken Mitchell

  2. Robert Holtz | May 28, 2012 at 8:37 pm |

    I got my two dogs groomed today and I tried to take the survey to get the $3.00 off on my next purchase but I can not get the survey to work. What is the problem or you just no longer want my business? The store number is 1199 and today’s date is 5-28-12.

  3. I had one dog groomed today and wanted to receive the $3 off on another dog being groomed on Saturday. The same screen kept popping up after 4 attempts of typing in the pin number. I too, would like a validation code. Frustrated,
    Mary Jo Carter

  4. I had my dog groomed this a.m. and came home to fill out the survey and receive my $3.00 coupon. I have done this in the past with some problems but always received my coupon with too much time spent trying to get it, I have been patient. This time however I went to the site which is hard to get to and typed in my pin # and checked the correct box for grooming service. Then went to go forward and hit continue and came onto another screen telling me I need to install cookies, go to my toolbar, NO WAY! I have spent too much time on this, over an hour trying to figure this out and it is ridiculous that I waste my time trying to navigate this site and I am not even receiving minimum wage from you people. I do not work for you. You offer this coupon to us and we cannot even print it or get to the survey itself. Someone needs to simplify this site. It is not only aggravation but just ridiulous and silly, come in PetSmart get with it. I would prefer you send me a coupon now because I deserve it going through all this and being totally aggravated with your horrrific site. If not please also send me a valadition code. I am a loyal shopper to PetSmart and do not shop anywhere else for his food, shampoo products, attire and grooming. I don’t appreciate wasting my time. I am keeping a copy of this and would like results in a timely manner as you wish your survey to be completed with 48 hours or we lose it, I will request the same time period. Thank you, Sharon Lyn Evans

  5. celina moreno | July 12, 2012 at 1:57 pm |

    I Buy all my dogs food i like the store always very clean

  6. I was not able to complete the survey also. I have done this many times before but now it won’t process the request.

  7. Bill Snelgrove | November 1, 2012 at 7:13 am |

    I had my dog groom ed yesterday in Aberdeen NC and cannot get in to complete the survey for $3.00 off awht Gives???

  8. Have tried for the last half hour to get my $3dollar grooming coupon can’t seem to get it .What is going on with your Grooming feedback webside never had this problem befor.Been going to your store since 1996 for grooming.Enterd my code etc. tells me stuff about cookies to change this and that.What is up???????

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