www.PCH.com/actnow - Enter to Win One Million Dollars from PCH

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Want to become a millionaire? If yes, you can enter the website www.PCH.com/actnow now for your chance to win two million dollars from PCH! Just follow these simple steps to submit your entry form of PCH Online Sweepstakes, then you may come true your dream.

How to submit your entry form:

To enter, you need to have a notification mail your received from PCH. You can find the activation number from your mail. I fyou don’t receive one, just go to PCH.com to register yourself and request it to your mail.

Then go to the above website and enter your 5-character Activation Code (such as pc200pc988, pc512 or pc989) to see if your number is eligible to win a $2,000,000.00 Cash plus $10,000.00 A-Month-For-Life  Plus a brand new car in their drawing.

If yes, complete the entry form with your detailed personal information such as your name, your home address, your email address and more.

Click here to enter your code now!

A limit of one online entry per day is allowed. You must be a legal resident of the United States who are 18 or older to enter the sweepstakes.

See more official rules online at www.PCH.com/actnow!

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60 comments on “www.PCH.com/actnow - Enter to Win One Million Dollars from PCH

  1. cindy meyer

    well hear we go thankyou for accepting me into your contest, I had no problems getting into the system. I just hope I win ,and I am sure you heard this a thousand times,but seriously we sure could use the money,we are so in debt. with our house and other things that me and my fiancé work so hard and being in our 50,s it sure would be nice to pay everything off and retire at a early age. so I hoping we win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKYOU!

  2. Tom McMillin

    I could not put my activation in—.Here is the number---pc214. Thank You.

  3. pauline mcpherson-thomas

    PCH I’m Claiming my Entries gwy no’s. 3816/3080 PCH Frontpage Golden Ticket $25,000.00, would you pls Activate??? thnx Pauline..

  4. RG

    The code won’t activate via this site.
    Please activate for me - PC212

  5. William Roberts Jr.

    Today, June 26th 2014 time 6:32 am one day before my wife’s Birthdjob . went to work this morning and my job that I had for a little over a year told me that they don’t have any more vans for me to drive, wow talk about a let down, now , how am I going to pay my bills, Yesterday, I went the Pharmacy to pick up my High blood pressure meds, and today no job..

  6. Gail Pickett

    The site does not work!! I didn’t get the prompt to enter my activation code as per the instructions. My Activation Code is PC222. Enter it for me.

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