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If you purchase a electronic product or furniture product, you off course like to enjoy it for years. But even the highest quality products can fail. When that happens, what should you do? If your products are from OfficeMax, don’t worry, the MaxAssurance warranty service (www.officemax.com/warranty) can help you.

What is MaxAssurance?

It’s an extended warranty service provided by OfficeMax, designed to take the hassle and expense out of unexpected covered repairs.  Once you purchase the MaxAssurance, there will be no additional cost if you product fails with non-abusing and non-misusing reasons, including accidental Damage from Handling, environmental factors, normal wear and tear to upholstery, defects in workmanship and materials, and more.

How to register and manage MaxAssurance service?

You can register the service online at www.asurion.com/officemax. Just visit the site, click the “Register and Manage Your Warranty” link and follow the instructions, then you can register your product easily. Now if you register within the first 90 days of purchase, you qualify for an additional 30 days of coverage.

Click here to register now!

If your product fails, visit the same site to file a claim by clicking the same link. Once your claim has been filed, MaxAssurance will either schedule service or replace the product with either a product or an OfficeMax gift card. You can also go to view the status of your claim from here.

Need more help, please visit www.Asurion.com/officemax or call toll-free number at 1-866-805-9095.

3 Comments on "www.Officemax.com/warranty – Register for OfficeMax MaxAssurance Service Online"

  1. Fritz Kerttula | March 6, 2014 at 2:59 pm |

    Ditto to all the customer comments regarding the impossible process to register my Epson Printer purchased March 6,2014 at the Duluth, MN retail store. This does not make for good PR. You feel helpless, Where is our advocate. It’s time to organize a demonstration . Lots of Luck

  2. Your system simply does not work. I purchases two years extended protection, but how am I supposed to have any confidence if I can’t register the Brothers printer. I expect a reply from “you” and a registration of my purchase.

  3. Frank DeAngelo | March 29, 2014 at 2:15 pm |

    Unable to register my purchase. Site is not user friendly. Guess you needed the warranty money more than I did.

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