Redeem Your Nutrisystem Member Card Online

If you have purchased a Nutrisystem member gift card at your local Costco store, now you should go to to redeem your card and activate your free VIP membership online. After your activation, you will enjoy complimentary access to counselors, dietitians, trim-down tools and trackers with your kit.

How to activate your membership:

Step 1: First, find out the Serial Number and Pin Number located on the back of your Nutrisystem member card. Then open the above mentioned website, click on the “Redeem Your Card Now!” button.

Step 2: Provide your basic information to create your online account and start your FREE Nutrisystem membership.

Step 3: On the account page, enter the Serial Number and Pin Number located on the back of your Nutrisystem card. You’ll get a “Thank You” to tell you that your order has been processed.

Click here to activate your membership now!

You can also call the customer service number at 1-800-215-9275 to activate your membership.

About Nutrisystem:

Nutrisystem is an easy and effective approach to get your weight loss. It includes 15 entrees (for breakfasts, lunches and dinners) and five desserts plus a free meal planner and free weight loss counseling. Their foods feature the best balance of slow digesting carbs, protein and fiber.

If you would like to order a kit, don’t forget to claim a coupon on the website and redeem it in-store to save money on your purchase. Get your coupon now!