www.Novartisrebates.com – Submit Your Novartis Products Rebate Online

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If you have received a rebate offer from the Novartis Animal Health Products, you can go to the website www.Novartisrebates.com to submit your rebate form online.

How to submit your rebate:

1. Check out www.Novartisrebates.com in your web browser.

2. Login or create your account.

3. Enter the coupon code, purchase and pet information and your contact information.

4. Submit your rebate form.

If you already submitted your rebate form, you can also check the rebate status online form here.

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Need help, chat with a live customer or call 1.877.552.1551.

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21 comments on “www.Novartisrebates.com – Submit Your Novartis Products Rebate Online

  1. Nancy Sherwood

    Success, had no problems completing the form on line and printed to be mailed, with address included! Worked wonderfully not just awaiting rebate.

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