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If you have received a rebate offer for the Novartis Animal Health Products, you can go to the website www.Novartisrebates.com to submit your rebate form online within a few simple steps.

How to submit your rebate:

1. Check out www.Novartisrebates.com in your web browser.

2. Login or create your account.

3. Enter the Offer Code or Coupon Code from your rebate form, and provide the purchase and pet information and your contact information.

4. Submit your rebate form and receive your submission number.

If you’ve already submitted your rebate form more than 6 weeks, you can also check the rebate status online form here by entering your submission number, phone number, name and zip code or email address. Click here to track now!

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Need help, chat with a live customer on the website or call customer service number at 1.877.552.1551.

About Novartis Animal Health:

Novartis Animal Health, a branch of the Novartis Group, is dedicated to research, produce and sell animal health products. It is a global leading  supplier of animal health products, which has five major R&D base and six production centers around the world. The company will do the best to meet the demand of veterinary, pet owners and farmers in animal disease prevention and control, anti-parasitic, anti-infection, farm healthy and innovative vaccines.

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36 comments on “www.Novartisrebates.com – Submit Your Novartis Products Rebate Online

  1. Debra Thornton

    I have a $25 rebate for Sentinel
    11-25lbs 12 doses. I need help
    filing for my rebate.

  2. Gayle Pichlik

    Please send me the confirmation page and address where to send in the rebate for $25 on 12 doses of sentinel I purchased at the vet for my dog. Thak you

  3. Nilsa

    Necesito ayuda como reclamar mi rebate con la compra de 6 sentí el spectrum para mi perra que le compré al veterinario.

  4. Steve

    How do you submit your rebates for sentinel spectrum & sentinel flavor tabs, it said to enter offer code?????????? were?? need help who do you call?

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