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If you’re using Norton AntiVirus software, you may receive great customer support services from their very patient and nice technicians. You can even be invited to use the remote session service (www.Norton.com/link) when you can’t solve the problem by yourself. The service is very easy to use, you don’t need to know professional information, just follow the instructions to connect, then you can sit back to have a cup of tea. The Norton professionals will do the rest for you.

How to use the remote session service:

You will be provided a 6-digit PIN code by your Support Agent when you decide to use the remote service.

Once you get the code, visit the service website www.Norton.com/link and enter your code to let him connect your computer. Then he will check your problems of your computer and give you the solutions.

Click here to enter your code and connect now!

Please note: Using the remote service means Norton agents can work on your computer directly. Off course, all their actions are under your surveillance. You can end the session at any time if you don’t want to let them connect.

Learn more from www.Norton.com/link!

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  1. How can I make sure that my tablet and cell phone is protected by your anti virus

  2. I want to transfer my coverage to my new computer.

  3. I was on a web chat with Vive_Chauhan at Norton, he had taken control of my compute and put it in Safe Mode when we lost connection at 11:35 EST. It is now 2:48 EST and I can’t get my computer out of Safe Mode or control of my computer back. Please help me, my phone # is 704-573-7590.

    Minnie Canty

  4. hillary avoledo | December 30, 2014 at 1:46 am |

    its me

  5. barbara pugh | January 23, 2015 at 9:32 am |

    Yesterday I thought I had renewed my norton account with a card that I bought from my local store [Staples in Canada] however my computer thinks otherwise it tells me that I only still have 7 days left. I was talking with one of your agents this morning and lost contact but she told me that what I had bought was of a new sort and she was going to fix my renewal for me on line but we had difficulty connecting. then I tried again and got another one and this time I wrote down har name [Cheryl R # 20179672] and she gave me a pin # 328108. so now can she or some one else help me solve my problem connect and solve my problem.

    Thanking you n advance

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