www.Netflix.com/replacement – Replace Your Netflix Bad Disc Online

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Receive a bad disc from Netflix? You should go online the website www.Netflix.com/replacement (or www.netflix.com/DiscProblems) right now and login your Netflix account to report your disc and follow the on-screen instructions to replace it. A replacement will be sent out immediately.

Before you start making a replacement, you should try to make sure the problem is from the disc. Sometimes problem is from the TV or other devices. When the error appear, you can go to the website www.netflix.com/help and enter the error code to search for the solutions.

If you need more help, call Netflix customer service 1-866-716-0414.

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53 comments on “www.Netflix.com/replacement – Replace Your Netflix Bad Disc Online

  1. Ann Reed

    This is twice in a row that I have received a cracked disc.

  2. James JOnes

    I received in the mail the movie Revenge of the Kung-fu master. When I remove the disc from the package it was crack in half.

  3. Beverly J. Donatone

    Received The Hunger Games Disc 1. Less than half way through it the picture and sound both became distorted to the point that we could not tell what was happening. Please send another disc that is in excellent condition!

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