Redeem Your Netflix Gift Code Online

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Please note: Netflix is now offering all new customers with one month free trial. Just click here and follow the on-screen instructions to start your Netflix membership.

If you have purchased or received a Netflix Gift Subscription, you should go to to redeem your gift code online and start enjoying your favorite movies from Netflix.

What is Gift Subscription?

It’s an one-time transferable membership of Netflix, which can be used to be a gift to your friend or family. Gift subscriptions are available from 1 month up to 1 year. You can visit to choose and buy it.

How to Redeem Your Gift Subscription Code:

If you received a Gift Subscription, no matter in the type of print or email, you can see a gift code shown on the Gift Subscription. To transfer your gift subscription, you should visit and redeem the code online. The redemption process is very simple, just enter your code correctly and follow the instructions to set up an account (if you’re already a member, login your account to redeem it), then you can enjoy receiving movies from Netflix.

Please note, it’s  free of charge to redeem your gift code, but you need to provide a valid credit card to complete the redemption. And you will bill your payment method for monthly subscription fees and applicable tax at the end of your gift, unless you cancel before your gift ends.

More FAQs, please visit now!

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28 comments on “Redeem Your Netflix Gift Code Online

  1. james miller

    I was given a Netflix gift subscription but the site will not accept my code keep saying not valid or already used. What can I do?

  2. james miller

    my gift code keeps saying not valid or already used. What can I do?

  3. Rachel

    I recieved a netflix gift subscription for christmas but unable to use it due to limited internet access. The gift directions say its exchangeable for other netflix services what are these and how do I find them?

  4. mike

    Fuck Netflix they won’t accept my gift card so I’m gonna use XBMC for free!

  5. Bruce Forman

    Website did NOT take Code # on Gift Certificate–rather, it sent me to the same website address which said the site was down. Every time I ask for an receive a Christmas gift certificate to Netflix, I run into this–the website does NOT process the code and now I am waiting, waiting, waiting for someone to answer the phone. This is POOR business. If you want people to use the webpage and you give them the address, then AT THAT ADDRESS they should simply enter the Code on the gift certificate. Otherwise, this is just a waste of time and money. Next year I won’t ask for a Netflix gift certificate.

  6. Lee Brooks

    I have been given 2 gift coupons for a total of 15 months to add to my present membership [under a different e-mail ]
    However I can’t sign in as the page to do so is not coming is unavailable. Please give me a phone number to call to get this done. My current e-mail is The old e-mail for last year’s membership and where my queue is at Please respond to this request for a working phone number. Last year I had no trouble with this. Thank you.

  7. Barbara Stevens

    I am supposed to be getting a year of netflix thru an introductory offer from Verizon they instructed me to get in touch with this web site and enter the promotional code 14-11456. Please call me at 908 922 0061 the account with verizon is 8091014404

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