www.Netflix.com/activate – Activate Netflix Service on Your Device

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Netflix now has serviced over 8,000,000 customers and delivered over 1 million DVDs a day in the U.S., Canada and UK. At Netflix, you can rent almost all the movie and television DVDs, including latest TV series, classic and new release films, special interest films, and independent films you might not find in your local store.

To learn how great they work, you can apply for the free trial of Netflix services first. Netflix is now offering all new customers with one month free trial service. Just click here and follow the on-screen instructions to start your Netflix membership.

If you’re already a member of Netflix unlimited plan and want to watch movies instantly on your device, you need to activate Netflix service first. It’s very simple to activate Netflix on your Netflix-ready Devices such as XBox 360, Wii, HDTV, iPhone, iPod Touch, PS3 or Tivo Video Recorder. Just follow these steps to make it works.

How to activate your Netflix-enabled device:

First, you need to launch Netflix application on your device.

Just follow the instructions to get an activation code from your device.

Then check out this website link www.Netflix.com/activate in your web browser from your computer, login with your Netflix account and enter your code you’ve got to activate it.

That’s all!! Now you can start to add your favorite movies into your instant queue and watch them online on your PC, Xbox, iPhone or on your TV.

If you don’t have a Netflix account, click here to apply for the Netflix free trial first.

Check out this video demo to learn the Netflix-enabled devices:

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105 comments on “www.Netflix.com/activate – Activate Netflix Service on Your Device

  1. rudy roybal

    I receive DVD’s from my Netflix account. I want to be able to open up Netflix on my I-Pad to buy movies and on my I-Pad it says ‘ERROR THIS ACCOUNT IS NOT ACTIVE”………………………….don’t understand……what am I doing wrong? yes I am hooked to WYFI

  2. H.Eagle

    We are account members just that we have different laptops. After all these years I now can not access from my lap top, but my wife can from her’s. We also have the Wii set up and a blue-ray player. I can’t figure out how to enter this new code. Help.

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