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If you subscribed a newspaper issued by Gannett Co. Inc., you can now go to the website www.Mynewspaperservice.com to manage your subscription account 24 hours a day.

How to login: Just check out the above link and click on the name of your newspaper, then login with your user ID and password. 

With the system, you can pay your bill online, arrange a temporary stop on your newspaper delivery, and contact their customer service if you are experiencing issues.

See more details at www.Mynewspaperservice.com

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118 comments on “www.Mynewspaperservice.com – Gannett Newspaper Online Customer Service

  1. Robert Albers

    Why am I forced to pay for an electronic paper when I get the real thing?

  2. Mike Kedo

    OK…last Sun we didn’t receive our paper. I requested it be delivered…it was not. I want someone to let me know that we are being credited for the missed Sun paper (4/6/12). Yesterday (4/13/12) the paper was nicely delivered right to our front door….thank you for that customer service. This time the Sunday paper had 3 front sections, 3 sports sections (B), and 3 Public Notice sections (L). Where was the rest of the paper????? So, we need another credit for yesterday’s paper. The Shreveport Times needs to get its act together. This “new” equipment just isn’t cutting it. We often get more than one “junk” piece of paper. We wonder, if we got more than one item, what are we missing. And is someone else getting what we should have rec’d.

  3. Bernd Jaeger

    To whom it may concern, instead of waiting on the phone for hours for an answer, let’s try it this way…I see many folks who have home delivery of the Journal news have newspaper boxes with journal news imprinted mounted on their mailbox pole….how can I get one???????
    Thank you.

  4. Bernd Jaeger

    just to let you know, delivery service as of know is outstanding……

  5. Bernd Jaeger

    What happened to the delivery….no papers today????????

  6. Michael Mitrano

    Circulation Dept,

    I would be interested in securing a delivery route for the Democrat & Chronicle. How do I find out information regarding this? Thank you.

    Michael Mitrano

  7. Carolyn Logan

    It is ridiculous what you have to go through just to report that you did not receive a newspaper. I did not receive The Courier-Journal newspaper on Saturday, April 12. Please credit my account for this missed newspaper because I had to go out and purchase one. This continues to be a problem that I have not experienced in over 30 years of receiving the newspaper. If I have to continue going out to purchase a newspaper, why do I need delivery service? I pay for the convenience of having it delivered to my door. What has happened with the delivery service and how will it be corrected?

  8. Iwan Berner

    Why is the paper late everyday? 7 to8during the week and don’t even get one on Sunday.

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