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If you have subscribed a newspaper issued by Gannett Company, Inc., you can now go to the website www.Mynewspaperservice.com to manage your subscription account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With the online system, you can pay your bill online, arrange a temporary stop on your newspaper delivery, and contact their customer service if you are experiencing issues.

How to login your account:

Just check out the above link and click on the name of your newspaper, then login with your registered user ID and password. Each newspaper has different online customer service system, so you need to create your own account if you’re first time to use the system.

Select and login your newspaper now!

If you would like to learn the new subscription model of your newspaper, just click on the Full Access Subscription FAQs.

See more details at www.Mynewspaperservice.com. You can also call the Gannett Company Customer Service at 703-854-6000 or USA TODAY customer service at 800-872-0001  for more help.

About The Gannett Company, Inc.:

Gannett Company, Inc. is the largest newspaper publisher in the Untied States. It has been founded over 90 years and operates the USA Today, USA Weekend and more than 80 local newspaper including The Arizona Republic, The Indianapolis Star, The Tennessean, The Des Moines Register, The Detroit Free Press, and more.

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189 comments on “www.Mynewspaperservice.com – Gannett Newspaper Online Customer Service

  1. Delores Keegan

    I have been on the phone for half an hour and online, trying to report that once again I did not receive my daily newspaper…that’s two days in one week. How the heck do I get to talk to a person? Once more, and I am cancelling my subscription.


    I wish to discontinue my e-line subscription

  3. neoma coffi

    Please begin delivery of Statesman Journal 1/23/2016

  4. Elaine Cartechine

    I wish to cancel my subscription to FLORIDA TODAY newspaper. Have tried several times to reach circulation at the phone number provided on 2A. This time, I am just tired of holding for more than 30 minutes and listening to your repeated message. Please take care of this matter asap. Many thanks, Elaine Cartechine

  5. Conrad Madaleno

    For the second week in a row my Sunday Newspaper has ended up in the culvert next to my driveway submerged in water. My driveway is 35 feet wide and I can’t understand why your delivery person is having such a hard time placing the paper within the 35 foot driveway. If the service doesn’t improve I will be forced to cancel my subscription to your paper. My other carrier (Naples News) has yet to missed my driveway in the last 5 years. Please credit my account. Conrad Madaleno 9780 Alhambra Lane Bonita Springs Fl.

  6. Roy Maraist

    I have come to the conclusion that my carrier must be retaining my paper for himself or someone close to him. I am the second to last person on his route but the last person gets her paper every day. I was skipped twice last week and again today. It’s only Tuesday so this week does not look promising. Also, trying to contact a human voice is frustrating. Now the recording tells me that no one is available to speak to me. Hideous service.

  7. Richard Tartaglione

    Missing the ShopRite weekly flyer for the last 3 weeks in a row. I am a ShopRite customer and look forward to the weekly specials and the coupon’s that are not always available in the store flyers. Can you speak to the delivery people about this problem. I would appreciate your help in this matter and a reply to this email.

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