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If you have subscribed a newspaper issued by Gannett Company, Inc., you can now go to the website www.Mynewspaperservice.com to manage your subscription account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With the online system, you can pay your bill online, arrange a temporary stop on your newspaper delivery, and contact their customer service if you are experiencing issues.

How to login your account:

Just check out the above link and click on the name of your newspaper, then login with your registered user ID and password. Each newspaper has different online customer service system, so you need to create your own account if you’re first time to use the system.

Select and login your newspaper now!

If you would like to learn the new subscription model of your newspaper, just click on the Full Access Subscription FAQs.

See more details at www.Mynewspaperservice.com. You can also call the Gannett Company Customer Service at 703-854-6000 or USA TODAY customer service at 800-872-0001  for more help.

About The Gannett Company, Inc.:

Gannett Company, Inc. is the largest newspaper publisher in the Untied States. It has been founded over 90 years and operates the USA Today, USA Weekend and more than 80 local newspaper including The Arizona Republic, The Indianapolis Star, The Tennessean, The Des Moines Register, The Detroit Free Press, and more.

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169 comments on “www.Mynewspaperservice.com - Gannett Newspaper Online Customer Service

  1. Betty Green

    I have been out of town. The paper carrier was suppose to resume throwing the paper August 16th - but he did not. Also he did not throw the paper on the 17th. My address is 7067 Nixon St. Greenwood, LA.

  2. glenn wallace

    I can’t sign on to place a temporary hold on our account. This is a very hard account to log on to. It wants me to change my password but it doesn’t accept my new password. Way too much trouble for a simple request.

  3. Walter L. Dugan

    We complained several Months ago about our paper being wet on Wed and Saturday, our sprinklers run between
    4: AM to 8:00 AM on those days, this morning our paper was in in the grass with only one sleeve and soaking wet.
    We live at 907 SE 17th. Street, Cape Coral Fl. 33990-2332 phone No# (239) 458-1980.

  4. beckner

    The Indy star carrier does not honor my request for delivery to the PAPER BOX. The paper is in the street, sidewalk, yard and usually somewhere wet.

    Correct this problem at once.

  5. judy baxter

    I am suppose to receive the News Journal thursday thru Sunday and this wk. on the 5th and 6th of Sept. I didn’t receive it!!!!

  6. Robert Bruce

    Starting in 1953 as a display advertising salesperson at The Fort Myers News-Press I received four promotions and retired in 1985 after serving my last 14 years as Vice President of Advertising. During that time and for year after year we became Gannett’s leading newspaper in advertising revenue percentage gains as well as advertising linage percentage gains; also we were leaders in circulation gain percentage numbers and in percentage of circulation revenue gain. We won dozens of awards. I worked long and loyal hours at the paper office and I represented the News-Press in more than 32 civic, charitable and professional organizations locally and nationally and actively participating with honors in each.
    Upon my retirement one of the items I received was the News-Press to be delivered locally to my home each day for life for half price. Last week my wife’s mother passed away in Ohio and we went there for her funeral. I had my paper stopped until I return. Last night we returned and today I attempted to restart my paper but have had a terrible time trying to started it again. I can’t imagine a customer going through that difficult ordeal. Bob Bruce

  7. Ella

    STOP my paper. I put a hold order for two w/e and you continued to deliver. I called again to emphasize the need to hold for the next two w/e and we returned to a doorstep of wet newspapers. Now I cannot get anyone to answer the phone for help so just STOP the paper.



  9. Susan Hinson

    I have been trying for well over an hour to speak to a representative concerning my parents’ account. My dad is 93 and my Mom is 85. They are not able to deal with all the crap that goes on over the phone whenever something needs to be taken care of. I am their power of attorney and all I wanted to do was put a temporary hold on their paper delivery. I haven’t been able to speak to a human being - only listen to your poor taste in recorded music for like an eternity. I need delivery stopped on October 17th. The following is the information listed on their statement:
    249 Wolf Pit Road
    Erin, Tn 37061
    Since this is an open page, I will not list any more personal information.
    The bill due October 17 will not be paid.
    I’ve read others’ complaints on this page.
    Your Customer Service is pathetic - especially for something as minor as my request.

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