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www.MyNationstar.com is the online place to access your Nationstar Mortgage account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Here you can stay up-to-date on your account status and make secure, timely loan payments. Plus, you can also have a quick access to your Loan Summary, Monthly Statements, Escrow Analysis, Pay History, Application of Last Payment, and more.

How to make your loan payment online at MyNationstar.com:

If it comes to making your mortgage payment, just pay it through the Western Union Web Payment. It’s FREE of charge if you submit it online between the 1st through the 10th of the month. You can also set up Auto-Pay Direct Debit to have your payment automatically debited, each month, from the checking or savings account of your choice. Click here to learn how to set up Auto-Pay.

To enjoy all these services, you should create your own unique User Name and Password first. Click here to sign up now!

Call customer service at 1-888-480-2432 or contact them via e-mail if you have any questions about this website. They will give you answers you need and helps you stay up to date regarding all aspects of your account.

About Nationstar Mortgage (Nationstarmtg.com):

Nationstar is one of the biggest mortgage lenders in the United States, which has served hundreds of thousands of customers with nearly $391 billion loans. It provides many mortgage options to meet your life need for purchase, refinance or specialty products. All you need to do is to tell them what you want, then it can help you come true your dream by providing you a suitable loan. Learn more from here.

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40 comments on “www.MyNationstar.com - Nationstar Mortgage Online Account Service

  1. Fed up

    This outfit commits FRAUD. They have many smokescreens and mirrors in place, so that no one has to commit to give you a full name, or accept responsibility as an account manager. All phone agents hide behind the phrase “That’s not my department”. In all the dozens of documents I have received in the U.S. mail or Email, NOT ONCE has a letter had the name of an individual human being on it. Every single transaction is an impersonal FORM LETTER signed “Nationstar Mortgage, L.L.C. All my requests for an agent, a manager, a supervisor, a janitor, ANYBODY at Nationstar to contact me personally have been totally ignored. Nationstar has over 1,200 complaints with the Better Business Bureau. Maybe a Class Action lawsuit is in order—

  2. William Voshell

    Thought I was working with a solid company until I read the above as a result of not getting my bill for March. Today’s attempt to reach a person was difficult and clearly not what it needs to be. For that reason, I have no motivation to use your electronic service until it improves significantly.

  3. Robert Rush

    I need a tax form showing the figures on the house in Thomasville, Ga. I received the one’s you sent but they got lost and I have to have them in order to file my taxes. They show the price of the property when I gave it up and the value you put on it now. my address is; 100 Grayson Ave Apt 208
    Chesapeake city, md. 21915

  4. alberta and tyree mcdonald

    I need my 2013 tax information——. still waiting—— received march statement on march 1st..due date— march 1st.. new mortgage company pd you off—you still posted check you did not deserve for march rather than sending it back— also waiting on escrow you owe us—..SOUNDS LIKE SAME LADY EACH TIME I CALL, SAYING THEY SENT TO A NON-EXISTENCE E-MAIL address that we have never provided——..Never Had—.. need march payment returned and escrow returned, and still waiting for 2013 interest for tax purposes————.

  5. Sheliah

    This mortgage company is full of it people .we people need to take a stand and file a class action lawsuit against this mortgage company .they don’t do their job and will lie to you about the making home affordable program .the government states if your hone is under water and your pay off is more than what your house is worth.they are by law to reduce your house payments for over the life of your loan!!!!! they play games .people I need to start a class action lawsuit .whose with me?

  6. Eulah & Joseph Roberts

    We are so tired of the lack of efficient non business like action or lack of action . Trying to be responsible people have no way to talk to anyone. If you cant send anything and I cant call anybody no payment can be made We have no two letters on our letter that describes the transfer to your co. some one call US 618-803-2000 asap please please please.

  7. della danley

    Trying to get in touch with Amy Washington ext1003793

  8. Lori McNamee

    I have read a whole lot of comments complaining about this company and I just want to give a positive review about it. I needed some information for taxes that I had lost, I went through the numbers until I reached the service desk answered by a super nice lady named Shaquanna. She was very professional! listened very intently while I explained what I needed, then provided me with what I needed.
    We have been with this company since 2007 and have found them to be very professional. I have not experienced problems with payments, or the website. Like any large company, you do have to be patient and go through the channels until you get the department/person you need.
    Another very professionally handled problem occurred about 3-4 yrs. ago, when my bank accidently deposited the money that was to be used for the mortgage payment, into the wrong account. This caused my payment to “bounce”. Once I figured out what had happened, Nationstar was extremely helpful in assisting me in getting it straightened out.
    So if you’re reading these comments, please note that it is human nature to always complain loudly, but to complement softly, if at all!!

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