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Did you receive a Visa or MasterCard Gift Card issued by U.S. Bank? If yes, you can go to the website www.MyGiftCardSite.com to mange it online anytime you want.

How to use the system:

Just visit the provided link, enter the first 6 digits of your card number and follow the instructions to log in your account. Then you can check your card balance, view your card statement, and change the card holder information online.

This Website requires the use of pop-up and JavaScript enabled. If you are using pop-up blocker software with your browser, please disable it to make sure you can get all of the information you need.

Learn more from www.MyGiftCardSite.com!

Need help for your card, just call toll-free at: 1-866-952-5653!

About U.S. Bank Gift Card:

It is a Prepaid Card that allows you to buy what you want and everywhere Visa or MasterCard is accepted within the United States ONLY. It can be used to make purchases at millions of locations in the U.S. or online at the website like Amazon.com, Walmart.com and more.

If your Gift Card value is not enough to cover the full amount of your purchase, ask the cashier to split the transaction between the remaining Gift Card balance and another form of payment. Tell the cashier how much is on your Gift Card since many merchants cannot tell what the balance is.

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50 comments on “www.MyGiftCardSite.com – Login & Check Your Gift Card Balance Online

  1. Mary

    DO NOT BUY THIS CARD!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very dissatisfied with the lack of customer serv ice with this card. I had a $50 gift card that my daughter bought for my birthday. There was not a way to register the card or activate. Long story short, the customer service people were a joke and know it is a racket – they deduct 2.50 every month the card is not used – for what – they don’t send me a bill or do anything AND make money (interest) from her money. The card does not work and they have her $50 and there is no recourse.

  2. golas

    biggest scam they steal ur money .. u get ur carma ..trust me

  3. Neal S.

    Wow, I just wasted a lot of time and cash into what? Nothing, it will never accept my payment and it gets on my nerves very quickly. TOAL WASTE!

  4. Slight

    My opinion is that the card is almost useless, UNLESS you can find a site that you wish to purchase from that accepts GOOGLE CHECKOUT. Google checkout is a much easier way to use these cards, because they almost NEVER work on Paypal or Moneybookers. However, not all sites use Google Checkout. I recommend either buying a Greendot Moneypak card (much easier to add, and Paypal is accepted everywhere) or just simply registering your own personal debit card.

  5. tonya

    i cant seem to check the baalance and i paid for a 50.00 gift card but where is the oyer 5.00 that was suppose to be add on all togethe i paid 55.00 somthing

  6. Robert

    Don’t buy it. I won one from work. I made a paypal transaction 4 months ago. Had an issue with the item. Paypal gave me back the credit. The unreloadable card accepted the transaction. I threw the card away 4 months ago. The customer service said I should keep the card till the expiration date. 2020. If I don’t have the card and security code on back, theres nothing they can do. Even though I registered it online, in my name and information. Paypal even tried to help out with the transaction id#. I’m out $192

  7. Jean

    I have tried to register this card. It has been rejected every time I try to use it.
    I have read the prior reviews, which don’t give much hope. Therefore, I think
    the only option is to call the state Attorney General and file a complaint. It sounds
    like you have a number of very unhappy clients. I am out $100, but all these really add up. Since I am an Enrolled Agent, and licensed to practice before the IRS, probably I will notify the IRS department that deals with fraud.

  8. hazem

    i have tried to register this card ,but unfortunatly it has been rejected every time i try to use it.i went to the site to register it but i didnt find a place to do that,it seems like scam.my card suppose to have 200 $ ,thaTS what i paid and they charged me 6 $ and something to activate!.
    i appreciate any advise

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