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If you live in Florida and want to apply for Food Assistance, Cash Assistance or Medicaid, just go to this specially designed website Www.myflorida.com/accessflorida to check your eligibility and register your My ACCESS account to manage your assistance program benefits online.

As a member of Myflorida, you can view your benefit status, request additional benefits by logging with your user name and password.

Myflorida ACCESS Account Guides:

My Access Account Benefit Information

How to request Additional Benefits

How to report a Change

How to complete a Review

Other Quick Links:

Login Your Access EBT Card Account

Find a Customer Service Center

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2 comments on “www.Myflorida.com/Accessflorida – Access Your Florida Assistance Benefits Account Online

  1. Thian Nun Piang

    My name is Thian Nun Piang.My Access number: 636088970 and case number : 1380139317.

    I am from Myanmar[Burma] and i came to USA on 01/20/2011 as a refugee status.

    I have been facing a lot of difficulties and problems untill now, because my health is not being good.

    I have been suffering with Pylori heart burnt disease seriously on my stomachand i have been taken alot of threatment and i look alot of medicines, but i did not got it better untill to day.

    I can not eat any food properly.I have been suffering diarrhoea frequently.

    Not only due to kind of my right hand even i can not work properly for my nerves have been pained it.

    I am unable to work any company and factory offices in USA for my survival. Besides i have any credits dues amount $ 3500 now from my some friends with interest .

    It made me too much upset, grief and a lot of stress and regretted.

    My medicaid and cash assistance had been denied it sin the last month of September 2011 by the state government of Michigan. I have been holding only my foodstamp.

    I have nothing income for my survival. There is no one who would give me the sponsor for my survival,except you[Government]

    I, therefore, humbly beg your kind consideration immediately assist and help, support my difficulties and problems as soon as possible the under humanitarian ground.

    I am separately need your help and support,without your support and help my problems will be very accumulated and increased day by day.

    I shall be very obliged and thankful to you if my application is accepted successfully. Thank you very much

    May God bless you back abuntdantly
    Most regards

    Thian Nun Piang
    2150 Emerson St.Apt-176

    “‘ I hope that to hear the good news from you soon”"

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